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Utah-Arizona-Nevada Fishing Reports - Hunting

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    • Solid game last night. By far the best overall game this year. This team in the past maybe wouldn't take advantage of a bad situation with the other team (Bruins down their top 2 goalies), but last night they did it and Dubs was strong too when called upon.

      I really like how we are getting production from all over the lineup. What is it now, goals by 17 different guys? I will take it!

      Erickson-Ek is a bright spot too. He plays a steady game and will certainly make the decision to keep him with the big squad a tough one. Normally I don't like burning the first year right away on their ELC, but I think we should with him. He is getting enough playing time now where he is making a difference. Some guys who were in a similar spot like Dumba needed the extra ice time and games to develop more.

      On Dumba, I have had a love hate relationship with his game since the very beginning. What I have noticed though is I think Stevens has certainly had a big influence on his even in this young season. He has been very physical at times which is something this team needs. Good to see. Now he needs to shore up the mental lapses a bit and he could be a real stud.

    • 9 hours ago, swamptiger said:


      "You can't let the people in this country that are the poor people, the people without the money and resources go without healthcare," Trump told the MSNBC program. "I just can't even imagine. You're sick and you can't even go to a doctor. I say one thing, can you not let 25 percent of the people of the country because they have no money go without something?"


      This sure sounds like some form of government sponsored healthcare to me..


      I have to agree with Trump.   There are people who need healthcare and don't have the money to pay for it and never will have enough money to pay for it.  


      I will venture to say that a majority, maybe even a big majority of the people/voters would agree that some provision has to be made for folks in that situation.   So far, most of the provision is medicaid, or MinnesotaCare.  


      Charity clinics aren't going to do it. 

    • Bummer, unless it is cheap.  


      Looking at those connectors again, they look like stuff I have seen at Fleet Farm and places like that as "bullet connectors" in the automobile electrical wiring area, with all the wire and crimp on stuff.  


      I looked on amazon because it was easy, and got these pictures....

      Trick will be to get right size...   But they are cheap.  They also come waterproof with heat shrink.  If you get desperate you could replace both sides....  The kits come with male and female typically. 

      I bet any autoparts store sells them as well. 


    • 2 hours ago, fishuhalik said:

       However, the pellets in the Estates were absolutely abysmal. Every single one was deformed and had some kind of flaw. Slag, dimples, ovality, etc etc. See for yourself. 


      I think Estate is made or resold by Federal?

      Plus whats wrong with a "Duplex" load? :lol:

    • how many use them for sleeping and did u add extra support. mine have a 200lb max restriction. any issues? ive had min for going on 4 seasons now and have only use the one over the couch for sleeeping and for light that. i.wann use the one over the dinnette which is wider. with less support length wise, gonna add supports. how big of people have some of u put up their.

    • 4 hours ago, PGF said:

      Rengel thinks he's reclaiming the nord Lord title this year, we'll see about that... We'll be there!

      Glad you guys can make it!

    • According to Shorelander I will only be able to buy the right side harness and rewire that whole side.

    • Great info - and further confirmation that you get what you pay for.


      I haven't always known exactly WHY but did notice a difference some years ago that premium ammunition does perform better.  A hit is a hit but putting a bird down for good is far more common with the better shells.  And especially in the duck world, doing that can save you LOTS more shells and frustrations.

    • BTW ...


      Anyone heard of a better plan ??? (Than repeal and replace w/HSA)




      Anyone ??

    • 14 hours ago, Big Dave2 said:

      What's Trump's plan?



      If you didn't spend your whole stoned, you would know the donald has stated many times, many times!

      "Repeal and replace with HSA's."







      What's Gay Johnson's plan ?