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  1. jmd1

    Holy crapp. Batten down the hatches!

    I am flying from Phoenix to Omaha tomorrow evening. I do not remember the last time i drove in snow. hopefully it will be plowed by the time i get in at 730pm.
  2. jmd1

    Help understanding power draw and battery usage

    One other thing on your radio is that it will have some type of draw to maintain memory unless you plan on totally disconnecting it rather than just turning off. Also you have to figure in some loss for temperature. I would figure 5 amps and then go down as you hook things up. Good luck, Jeff
  3. jmd1

    Help understanding power draw and battery usage

    Here is a calculator to help you figure out if 1 battery will work. My suggestion is to get a solar charger and keep it on the battery so it has some type of charge. naturally you need to draw the battery down from time to time to minimize the memory of the battery. https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/tools/calculator-sizing-a-battery-to-a-load.html
  4. So i just updated my gateway, router/modem together. We have DSL and when i talked to the rep at the big box store BB, he said that if i am streaming and using computers, phones, printer etc, that i should go with separate router and separate modem. To me that is just too much stuff to deal with, i like the all in one. Well i am about 3 months into the new gateway and so far so good. After 17 years and 10 years there is so much firmware etc that is caught in the devices they slow down and just don't work very well. I usually swap mine out every 5 yrs or so. I agree that you should see what you are being delivered by your provider. I checked mine a couple weeks ago and it is not quite what they are promising so a call to Cox this weekend is in order. Good luck, go with the most advanced you can get, as long as you don't have a 17 yr old computer that you are running. Jeff
  5. jmd1

    New Years Eve

    Just finished up two filet steaks with baked potato and some salt/pepper chips, quiet night for us tonight. Eat early go to bed early and get up early. Might have a bit of ice cream later. Happy New Year everyone.
  6. jmd1

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas from Cold and Wet Phoenix.
  7. jmd1

    Screws for aluminum

    I agree with the fact that they are nice to use, however if you want SS, then your option might not be the self cutting. I have used both, we call the type you are talking about tec screws. Just depends on how you want it to look i guess.
  8. jmd1

    Screws for aluminum

    The picture shows a10/32 screw size but i have one that is 1/4 x20. All depends on how large of screw you want to use. If you decide to drill and tap holes the regular way make sure to use the correct size bit for the the tap. Example a 1/4 x 20 tap needs to have a 13/64 hole drilled. Also use a #2 phillips head screw or hex head, no flat blade as they will just round out if you have to remove them. Jeff
  9. jmd1

    Screws for aluminum

    I use to work on all aluminum body fire trucks. The only screw, bolt, washer, or nut that we would use was stainless steel as the by using anything else will allow electrolysis to start from dissimilar metals and corrode. Only problem was the strength of the SS is not as high as regular steel. Also if you are using SS, i would only use bees wax as a lube. I use to buy it in a block, and just rub the threads on the screw before putting in the hole. If you don't, you may find that the threads gall up and strip out. Then you have issues cause it can be tough to drill out a broken SS screw. If you have a bunch to do, i found that a combination drill/tap was very useful. It will drill the hole and tap at one shot. Here is what they look like. Good luck. http://www.graybar.com/store/en/gb/combination-drill-tap-bits-22082167?cm_mmc=pla:google-_-googleshopping-_-gb5349-_-22082167&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Graybar>PLA>Category&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=fto6JW9w|pcrid|49843833890|pkw||pmt|&gclid=CPzt0MP72tACFYKSfgodC4MH_g
  10. jmd1

    Antenna Grounding Help Please

    Found this online might give a bit of guidance. Hope it helps. Good luck Grounding the Mast The NEC requires that the antenna mast and mount be grounded directly. No splices or connections are allowed in the ground wire between the mast and the ground rod. First, attach one end of a No. 8 or No. 10 copper or aluminum ground wire to the TV antenna mast. One of the bolts on the mount can be used as a fastening point. Masts that are painted or coated just have their coating scraped off around the area where they contact the mount. This will ensure an electrical connection between the mast and the mount. It is vital to get a good, solid connection. (Once the mast is attached to the mount, any scraped off portion that is exposed should be recoated with paint or other sealant.) Next, run the ground wire to ground as directly as possible. Standard wire staples can be used to secure the ground wire against the side of the house. Avoid making 90° or sharper turns with the ground wire. A lightning charge has difficulty making such a turn and therefore may discharge into the house. Make ground wire bends as smooth and as gradual as possible. The ground wire must be connected to a ground rod. Water pipes or plumbing fixtures are not acceptable. A good copper-coated steel ground rod driven at least 3 feet into the ground is required. Special clamps that provide a solid connection between the ground wire and ground rod should be used. Grounding the TV Antenna Transmission Line It is not just the height of an TV antenna that makes it susceptible to lightning strikes. TV Antennas and transmission line can accumulate static electrical charges that also increase the changes of lightning hitting an installation. To properly "draw off" this static electricity, a small device known as an antenna discharge unit must be included on the installation. The TV antenna discharge unit (also called a "lightning arrestor") is connected to the transmission line at a point close to where the transmission line enters the house. One end of a ground wire is attached to the discharge unit. The other end of the wire is connected directly to the ground rod. Installation of the TV antenna discharge unit is very easy, and detailed instructions come with each unit. An TV antenna installation is not adequately grounded unless both a mast ground and an antenna discharge unit are installed correctly. *According to NEC rules the antenna can be grounded to a water pipe but the water pipe must enter the earth within 5 feet of where the ground connection is made on the pipe. This pipe then would have to be underground at least 3 feet to be effective. The water pipe cannot be plastic.
  11. jmd1

    Catch Cover rattlesnake rattle reels

    Lake mary is known in the summer for northern and walleyes. Some of the lakes around Phoenix have some big slabs and also stripper which will start to run soon. The northern and walleyes are catch and release or kill and take immediately as they are non native and eat the trout.
  12. jmd1

    Catch Cover rattlesnake rattle reels

    Up in the mountains around flagstaff good for northerns.
  13. jmd1

    Catch Cover rattlesnake rattle reels

    Could you use this little rattlesnake on your reel? he was a baby only 3 rattles but was willing to show how big his mouth is.
  14. jmd1

    Just Food and Drink

    So the closest thing i have ever eaten was mutton. It was like eating an old boot with manure caked on it. Do lamb chops have a gamey taste to them? I have always wanted to try one but i hate to spend money on something that i don't care for. My in laws will eat let of lamb all the time but if i have to put mint jelly on it then that is a red flag for me. Any thoughts? Thanks Jeff
  15. jmd1

    Meat Sales

    Kroger has Tbones on sale 5.99 lb