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  1. motley man

    Venny Stew

    I use cream of celery soup and canned wild rice
  2. Everyone drive safely to wherever you are going so you get there ! Don't get in a hurry on the highway's, everyone has got a load in, on , or behind their vehicle's. Be courteous and give everyone room and drive cautious! Everyone be safe out in the woods also, guns, deer stands, shooting, etc. Enjoy the time out in the woods everyone !
  3. No need to get nasty on here about this people !
  4. Post it so nobody can question it ! If you put signs on trees, put them over 8 foot up so they can't tear them down ! Posting is the easy and best way to solve the problem.
  5. motley man

    How To Keep Mice Out of AC Unit?

    moth balls and the bar bait. smell of moth balls keeps them away and if they do go there they can eat the bar bait. just be sure the bait is not where a child or pet will get to it !
  6. motley man

    Dog uses my yard

    Poisoning is against the law
  7. motley man

    Thoughts on/about beaver dam tip ups,

    I have a couple that I have been using for 30+ years so I have to go with a yes. The cost of them has tripled from the time I bought mine, but I see them at garage sales and auctions for a decent price quite often. I have a couple round ones that have got broke and had to repair, but never had to done anything to the Beaver Dams !
  8. motley man

    thermacell for bear hunting?

    Hoodie and 2 layers of light clothes, hat and head net, 2 jersey gloves. Little buggers don't seem to stick thru 2 layers. But the constant buzz will get to you after awhile. I put second layer of lightweight coveralls on at stand.
  9. motley man

    Interested in learning to trap

    Most farmers know who the trappers are in their area, ask around. Also check with local DNR agent, he knows also. Many of us out there we just stay low key to avoid bunny huggers.
  10. motley man

    squirrel wars

    There is a hunting season on squirrels so shooting them can only be done in season with a license. Live trap them. Just bait traps and you will catch them.
  11. motley man

    How long give up bear site?

    Throw a good gallon of old cafe grease around and on pile, that always works for me. I mean thrown it on brush, trees, all over.
  12. motley man

    Tony Stewart

    Thought's and prayers for his family ! But that is why you do not get out of your car on track unless fire is present. To walk down on the track is wrong !
  13. You can put a ad on here or there is a group on fbook called Minnesota firearms trader
  14. motley man

    Garage/Hunting shack

    Check out pole barns, half on it for living and half for storage. You can put concrete in all of it or just half. Insulate half or all. Check into spray in insulation if you do pole barn as it seals all cracks. But build it big enough that you don't regret it later. Everyone always builds to small and has to make another building for storage.
  15. motley man

    Disposing of shot fish

    They make great fertilizer, and there are many good recipes for carp and other rough fish. They make great fish patties for sandwiches, just fillet them and course grind them and shape into patties and fry or bake. If you are going to shoot rough fish get a smoker, or use them for something. I agree, call CO and stop this waste !