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  1. Never used a tent in recent memory but going camping in May and looking to buying one. Just a regular tent, not a fancy TJ overland type tent. I’d like one preferably 6-8 ppl for my family of 4, and just as important, one that it fairly quick and simple to pitch as I would probably be doing it solo with minimal help. I’m not familiar with tent pricing but I don’t want to spend a boat load if I can help it. It’ll be a first tent and I’d like to see if I like camping enough to do it often. Any suggestions?
  2. I am a big fan of fixed 2 blade broadheads either in single or double bevel. Currently shooting Strickland Helix 125 gn, but have shot German Kinetic XL, and I have some Iron Will Solid 125gn on the way.
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