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  1. Raider4ever

    Battery for trolling motor

    I love my Interstate's also.
  2. Raider4ever

    Ice on Spirit Lake

    Ice went out on the Okobojies either yesterday or today. Web cams show open water. YEA!!!!
  3. Raider4ever

    Ice on Spirit Lake

    The Okoboji webcams show bad ice with some open water. I called Kabele's (sp?) yesterday and they said there's still a foot on Spirit and were guessing two weeks. I'm guessing later next week with the forecast of high temps, wind, and rain. Okoboji daught comm has a couple decent webcams.
  4. Guys, what's the best guess for ice out this year. Late start this year. Hopefully early ice out.
  5. Raider4ever

    Ice on Spirit Lake

    Thanks for the update. That's what I'm hoping. Trying to get down to Spirit that week before Walleye opener for some warm water bass fishing. If it is a mid-March break-up, that gives it over a month to warm up before I get there. SWEET!
  6. Raider4ever

    Ice on Spirit Lake

    After noon tomorrow, "forecasted" temps will not dip below freezing for the forseeable future!
  7. Raider4ever

    Flying with fishing gear

    UPS your rods and tackle to the lodge before you leave. Ship them back to you before you come home. Tell the lodge to save the boxes/tubes your stuff came in so you can repack. I suppose you could cart your reels in a backpack with carry-on (I would rather lose a rod or tackle than a reel. Reels are tuned into you more than a rod or crankbait is.) I would NEVER send my fishing stuff through checked baggage. FAR greater chance of you never seeing it again vs. UPS/Fed-Ex'ing it.
  8. What's the ice look like? Could we be looking at an early ice-out? Thanks
  9. "Hard to stay away from the hammer-handle pike though." I know where you were
  10. Raider4ever

    HP Rating

    My bad. Did not thoroughly read the OP. Sorry for sounding like a Richard.
  11. Raider4ever

    HP Rating

    Check the yellow plate in your boat. I'm guessing it will tell you.
  12. Raider4ever

    dock height ?

    We have the deck surface of ours about 15-18" above the water when we put it in. We basically leave it alone unless there's a big rain and the lake goes up. Has happened about twice in the 25 years I've been there. But, yes water fluctuation is the key question here. Are you on a river? Lake with inlets/outlets? Spring fed? I would guess 18" above the highest you've ever seen it if the water stays relatively stable.
  13. Nice. Good luck and thanks for the update. I do need to find a place on West 'boji that has docks in early with power to them. The last place didn't and I got tired of toting batteries from the boat to the cabin and back. I see next year 'eye season doesn't start until 5/7. Even places that don't open until 5/1 would still give me almost a week b/4 that. That's a winner.
  14. Raider4ever

    Where is Richfield dam (metro)??

    "I did a Google search and there was a Mrs. Agnes Richfield, age 73, retired schoolteacher, who lived one block from the Anoka Dam in 1952. So maybe that's it." AND that's where she dumped the bodies of her "naughty" students?