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Thank You Icebusters!!

pike doctor

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I would like to give a special thanks to the people who make icebuster bobbers for the amusement they have given me over the past couple years. I love to play pranks, and I especially love to do it when I am ice fishing and my buddies are using the bobbers. This weekend I got two people. My girlfriends dad, and her uncle. I just love that when they go out to use the facilities and you can just take their bobber off. I have seen some pretty impressive hooksets. Then you tell them their other bobber is down and when they look you throw the removed bobber into the hole.

Other pranks including strapping a full beer can to the end of their line or putting the depth bomb on so it looks like a fish has the bobber down.

I would like to hear some other ones. My buddies and I are taking the annual trip day after christmas, and they are finally getting wise to me. grin

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I like the fishing line to the tip up flag trick. When your buddy isnt looking tie line to the flag and then drag the line out to your house. When he is all comfortable in his house yel flag and pull the line. I have gotten a guy 3 times before he realized I tied line to his flag. grin

Another good one is a full gatorade bottle tied to their line. Man is there a big hookset and battle. That jig does all kinds of crazy things when being pulled up. wink

Another good one is tie their bobber or deadstick line to the jigging line when they go out to relieve themselves. They come in and start jigging and the bobber goes down. Takes a while for them to figure it out.

Things we do when fishings slow. crazy

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Oh gawd you guys have now put idea's into my other halves head, he already yanks on my line when I'm not looking when trolling in the boat..and yes he has got me several times..

You guys are bad but I will admit that stuff is too funny....

Someone please get a video of these in action

I love watchin good pranks.

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Yeah i did the pop can to my brothers line once as he stepped out to relieve himself...He's one of those overly excited adhd kids, lol. And he saw his bobber was under the ice and he set that hook so hard and claimed "its a big one" until he got it up...i wish i could have recorded his reaction haha

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I should have added that I also like to do the minnow in the beer/pop can. That one doesnt always go over so good, but they eventually get over it.

The other good one it to take a knife or a nail and cut or poke a slit into their pop or beer can so when they take a drink it will dribble on them, and it is usually a while before they figure out whats going on. Some of my buddies just figure they have a whole in their lip. grin

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A buddy of mine has all of his scuba certifications and the warm suits to do ice dives. This summer we built a spearing shack specifically so he could dive in and swim around under the ice popping tipups out of holes. Or hanging notes on lines from the fish mocking the owner of the tip up or jig pole, hanging other random stuff on there. The possibilities are limitless.

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