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  1. You're bolting a mini fridge to a countertop but worried that a tie down strap will make it look trashy? OK then.
  2. Or a D ring like you suggested. Hard to say what would work best without seeing the set up but I can guarantee it isn't going to take a degree in rocket surgery to figure it out.
  3. Countertops have edges. Tie down straps have hooks. Maybe something a complicated as an eye bolt on the backside.
  4. Over thinking. Just throw a small tie down ratchet strap over it.
  5. Scotch eggs with tzatziki sauce on the smoker Peach bruschetta
  6. Reruns of Kim Wexler filling out a skirt. Almost show time. Sounds like Gus plays a part of this season/a few episodes. They've kept it pretty quiet.
  7. We're not setting any records but managing to decoy a few. Struggling with a new gun that I'm too stubborn to set aside. Just happy to be out at all with what I've been through.
  8. Have heard that's a fun arena to catch a game at.
  9. Dumba possibly back tomorrow night. 2-3 more turnovers in our own zone to deal with.
  10. Suter long shifting again. He had plenty of time to get off the ice after his rush. Still have no time for Dumba. Going to be very disappointed if he is protected from the expansion draft. Everyone's wanting a scoring threat and our defense is ready to crumble.
  11. And no more interviews with Krissie Wendell please.
  12. Parise -4 tonite. Other teams are starting to key in on him.
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