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  1. Lotwfisher

    Ice Show ??????

    on clams HSOforum they have overstock stuff for sale. They carry alot of covers and tents.
  2. Lotwfisher

    Conservation License Limit

    All anglers coming into ontario and ontario residents included really need to work on knowing your regs in the area you fish. Possession limits that are stated are the max you may possess whether they are with you in the boat or in your freezer. Many people get fined every year for having their limit in the freezer then keeping a couple for shorelunch on the lake. If you already have a possession limit then you MAY NOT have a daily limit in the boat with you. And be sure to read cafefully as most often the daily and possession limit are the same. Please be sure to pick up the reg book at the licensing store and even ask someone at the store to clarify anything you may not understand after reading. Don't just ask them the limits then go on your way. Its YOUR responsibilty to know the rules. You will be the one paying the fine. We have alot of diverse water and many different lakes and limits so it takes some time to understand. It also may change from year to year so be sure to read the updated regs every year if you are a returning fisherman.
  3. Lotwfisher

    Sabaskong Bay and Nestor Falls

    The hot weather kinda had a negative effect on the crappies but the walleyes have been good. Try and find clearer water if you are looking for pike. Remember to use the weather as a guide not your calendar. If it is summer temps and summer water clarity then the fish will most likely be in summer styler routines. One thing to look out for is the cool nights and warm days, its means the fish will be moving all day as the water warms up.
  4. Lotwfisher

    Can anyone identify this lure?

    I know the pro shop in Nestor Falls carried alot of them for a while. Still has them around somewhere. Used them for muskies and pike. Depends on what size yours is. It may be at rollie and helens or any muskie specific shop. I believe thornes may carry a couple but rarely. Its made by joe bucher. Maybe google bucher baits, or just joe bucher and find his company HSOforum.
  5. Lotwfisher

    Can anyone identify this lure?

    swimmin joe I believe, but correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Lotwfisher

    ontario fishing regs?

    I know alot of the local shops carry the regulation book when you get your license. Also they can be found online at http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/LetsFish/Publication/STEL02_163615.html and if that doesnt work then you can find it by starting out at www.mnr.gov.on.ca
  7. Lotwfisher

    Looking for Custom made fishing rods

    Most companies can also just put the names on a off the shelf rod too. I don't think they charge for it, and if they do it is not much.
  8. Lotwfisher

    Ontario Spring Bear Hunt

    Its such a great revenue boost at the beginning of the year also for local camps and guides. Sure is a great way to get over the winter blues haha
  9. Lotwfisher

    muskie leaders

    I use a 4 foot 130# fluoro for trolling so when the muskie rolls it wont get cut by the wire. I use single strand and 12" fluoro for everything else.
  10. Lotwfisher

    Walleye rods

    I love my Loomis rods but I have to agree with Northlander that Rapala has some rods that are incredible for the dollar. I have recommended them to several people that want a great priced rod. I have not tried their reels yet. I will stick with my Shimano's for now. I just got 3 Sienna's for my customer rods this summer. They are low priced and seem to hold up under regular use really great.
  11. Lotwfisher

    How far would you drive for a boat? - Updated

    Its easier to drive to Minneapolis to pick up a boat than to Thunder Bay or anything else east of Lake of the Woods. Also with paying duty on the purchase its most likely still cheaper than up here. We don't get great deals on used boats much, and I spend most of my time looking at used boats from the cities rather than in Canada. I can be in the cities in under 6 hours so its not a huge deal to run down there and back for a boat, as long as I am saving more than the cost of taxes, gas and most likely a hotel room. Also remember is cheaper in gas to drive that 6 hours than it is for the 4 hours to Winnipeg.
  12. Lotwfisher

    Gulp for Sturgeon.

    We make our own spray from leftovers of what we have left from the summer. I don't know if it makes a big difference on what scent it is but it gives us something to play with and experiment with.
  13. Lotwfisher

    so what is it with RED?

    Light can penetrate line so the theory is the color red will disappear but light wont penetrate through metal hooks so it reflects the color, so it should be more visable as the color its painted. Thats the theory I have been told. I don't know if it is true or holds any science behind it but it got us talking about it so the marketing of it worked!
  14. Lotwfisher

    Gulp for Sturgeon.

    Worked good last year when we tried them. They didn't outfish worms or minnows but they held their own and are good to have in the boat when you run out of live bait. I found that continuouly redipping the gulp in the alive juice helped also cause the fish use smell not sight for food finding. I used the crawlers, 4" minnow(looped on a hook), and the alive shrimp. One nice thing is they don't get pulled off by small sturgeon, suckers or bullheads either.