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Soderblooms Prop Repair - While you don't need your prop!

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I just wanted to share the extremely positive experience I had with Soderbloom's Prop Repair Service . I was so shocked when I opened the box, I thought I'd share this photo of my ground, turned, and fixed prop. I'm disgusted with myself for not taking a "before" picture, but there were nickel-sized dings in 3 of the 4 blades.


Rewind to this summer. I ran into a guy at a boat landing in northern Minnesota. We started talking, and I found out that this guy was a marine salesman for almost 20 years, and knew more about my boat and motor than I could ever hope to! At my request, he took a look around my rig and thought everything looked tip-top......except the prop. I'm used to running small motors in smaller water, and major dings are often inevitable. He explained to me that especially with the bigger motors like my Merc 150 EFI, a small ding on the prop, pitch/alignment issue, or un-evenness in the prop can cause an incredible amount of stress that'll throw your lower unit over time. Let's just say, he warned me, and I listened.

Pricing a place to fix my messed up, top dollar stainless 4-blade prop was scary. On a recommendation from Steve Sutherland, aka "Northlander" on the site, I gave Jay a try. I couldn't be more satisfied. To beat the spring rush, I simply took off my prop a week or two ago when I winterized my boat. It was back in no-time, and it's like I purchased a new prop.

For all of you putting off a prop-fix, just do it over the winter and avoid the hassle of being without it this summer. Or worse, avoid the hassle of a ground up lower unit when the fish are biting!!!

You can track down Jay here - Soderbloom's


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I had the same expeirence this spring. I had 1 prop from pool 5 that damaged in a rockpile and I thought that it was good for nothing other than the scrap iron pile. I noticed a post Northlander had made on the great work Jay does at Soderblooms. I sent the prop in, recieved it back 4 days later and really thought that Soderblooms sent me a new prop.

They do a fantastic job and I would reccomend them to anyone and Soderblooms are very reasonable with their rebuild fees.

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Im glad you guys are happy with your props. Jay does very good work and the price is even better. I havent been to his shop once where he didnt have a ton of props being worked on or waiting for work. Some look like junk but he can bring a lot of them back to life.

Like said above now is the time to get props fixed while the boat is sitting in the garage and we have ice on the lakes.


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Totally agree and now is a good time to send one in.

I go through at least a prop a year and was very impressed with the work I had him do this spring. I had him fix 2 for me so now so I will always have a fresh one ready to go!

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