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  1. I never really left Mac; just not online much anymore...
  2. The 2.0 Eco in my '13 Escape has been great. 67,000 miles. There have been reports of some carbon build up issues on the intake valves of the 2.0 engine. I've ran 100% full synthetic oil in mine and I have not had a hiccup. I'm no expert, but reading about the carbon issues it may result from conventional oil? I use full synthetics in all engines..
  3. My newer Ford: I ran into a case of the tin foil covered lug nut that went from 3/4" to 18mm when I forced the wrapping off of it. I bought 20 solid steel, chrome plated lug nuts off hsolist for $14. Good buy tin foil-leave me stranded on the side of the road-lug nuts!
  4. My wife's iphone used up a ton of data in just a few days. There's issues with icloud so I disabled the account. It's fine now. Verizon was a great help to fix the issue. Your phone should not use any plan data when connected to wi-fi.
  5. Incredible pictures Todd! I just returned from Manitoba after 5 days and bagged a huge mixed bag of ducks in the field and over water. There were plenty of ducks (and geese) to keep us happy. Later season migrant birds were almost non-existant; Scaup and Canvasbacks were very, very low numbers. We bagged a majority younger birds and not too many mature ducks. I guess bird numbers are impressive in far northern Canada, so we need some cold weather to make them move. It was too darn warm and dry on this trip! Fields were almost all harvested at the end of our trip and a few fields had grain cut and laying in the field; the birds loved these fields full of food! Accessing them was not an option.
  6. On my Skeeter I drilled a hole through the front of the counsel and mounted a 12" flexible rubber antenna. Works great. I do get some interference from the front graph near the antenna on the weaker radio station. Antenna is a must to get any radio stations...graphs in the boat and all the other electronics mess with reception (in my boat at least).
  7. My '03 Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke (carb, manual start) has never let me down. I've duck hunted many mornings near 0 degrees and this motor always starts up. It's always got me onto the water and home again. I feel the carburetor has issues. It needs adjustment, cleaning or install a new carburetor kit. Let the dealer figure out what's wrong if under warranty.
  8. I have a 1997 9.9 4S with electric start and auto choke. I've had my fair share of issues with this motor, but I've worked them out over the past 10 years. Carb cleaning does nothing. I would highly recommend a new carb re-build kit, new spark plugs and non-oxy gas. This motor is very sensitive, or at least mine... My engine loads up spark plugs and new ones make a world of difference.
  9. I have owned (2) 2003 F5 Sno Pro's since 2004. I still have one. Although, not the F7 but same chassis. I love these sleds and they are a blast to ride. I concur CaptainMusky's post; especially the skis on groomed trails. Factory skis like to track and it gets annoying at slower speeds. BoxMN- is this a Sno Pro model? Sno Pros had Fox shocks and much stiffer suspension for big guys. It's stiff for us little guys.
  10. ChuckN

    Prop guard

    I have an aluminum plate that bolts onto the lower unit skeg of my 25hp Yamaha 4 stroke. I have hit many rocks at high speed and this plate has worked well so far.
  11. A friend of mine lost his auger with a Digger. Don't know if it was user error or not as it fell off early in our ride. We put on lots of miles on sleds and this was the only mishap. It's always good to take a small rubber strap for additional support in case the latch lets go. My custom built auger rack (full cradle on powerhead) works flawless with one rubber strap securing it.
  12. What a rotten seller. List something for sale that isn't ready to be sold? However, I've run into people who list things for sale that have no intention on selling the item. They will tell you lies that it sold, and then you see them have it in their possession at a later date. It's like they want to know what it's worth by people's interest. The Mom excuse has me wondering...
  13. A friend of mine has a 2012 Chev and just a few weeks ago before he arrived at my house his truck gauges said the engine lost all oil pressure with warning lights. Took it to Chev dealer and it was the oil pressure sending unit. He was not happy with the repair bill. Over $500 if I recall correctly?
  14. Take it to Brainerd propellers right in your neighborhood. There are lots of things to consider with a prop...balancing comes to mind. Don't mess around or it could create further damage to the motor?
  15. You'll go through a lot of RV antifreeze each time you use the system, and have to drain, etc. Sure it probably can be done, but prepare for a lot of time consuming work to get all the water out of the entire system after every use. Another concern is dumping the black tank. Good luck finding a dump station that is in working order to get rid of the waste. I can only imagine the drain valves on these tanks will be frozen solid...more issues. Don't plan on dumping this waste anywhere you want.
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