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is this new?....big grizzly killed


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From: These pictures (not included) are of a man who works for the US Forest Service in Alaska and his trophy bear (killed in self defense).

He was out deer hunting last week when a large grizzly bear charged him from about 50 yards away The guy emptied his 7mm Magnum semi-automatic rifle into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him. The big bear was still alive so he reloaded and shot it several times in the head.

The bear was just over one thousand six hundred pounds. It stood 12' 6' high at the shoulder, 14' to the top of his head. It's the largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world.

Of course, the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Commission did not let him keep it as a trophy, but the bear will be stuffed and mounted, and placed on display at the Anchorage airport to remind tourists of the risks involved when in the wild.

Based on the contents of the bears stomach, the Fish and Wildlife Commission established the bear had killed at least two humans in the past 72 hours including a missing hiker.

The US Forest Service, backtracking from where the bear had originated, found the hiker's 38-caliber pistol emptied. Not far from the pistol were the remains of the hiker. The other body has not been found.

Although the hiker fired six shots and managed to hit the grizzly with four shots (the Service ultimately found four 38 caliber slugs along with twelve 7mm slugs inside the bear's dead body), it only wounded the bear and probably angered it immensely.

The bear killed the hiker an estimated two days prior to the bear's own death by the gun of the Forest Service worker.

Think about this:

If you are an average size man; You would be level with the bear's navel when he stood upright. The bear would look you in the eye when it walked on all fours! To give additional perspective, consider that this particular bear, standing on its hind legs, could walk up to an average single story house and look over the roof, or walk up to a two story house and look in the bedroom windows....yikes! the stuff that nightmares are made of....

I don't know how to post the pics but I got this in an e-mail....is this an old story???? It does look like a big bear!!

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I saw the largest bear at the time,In Winnipeg Museum of natural history in 1970.There was a stair to climb to get to eye level,the notation stated 22 inches from eye to eye! WAS THAT BIG! My shoulders were bout the width of its nose,I'd guess total width of the head had to be 24 inches wider than its eye width!

I have wondered if its yet on display?

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I don't know how to post the pics but I got this in an e-mail....is this an old story???? It does look like a big bear!!

This is a VERY Old story...and most of the STORY is False.

Yes it was a Big Bear, 10-6 inches Tall and roughly 1200 lbs.

(not 12-6, 1600lbs)

It was not shot with a 7MM nor was it shot with a 38, nor did it kill / eat anyone.

It was shot with a .338 Rem MAG, First shot Hit the Bear just below it's left eye

and blew a good hole through its Face!

thus that is why all the blood on the Face.

First shot Pretty much knocked the Bear Backwards, but the Young man shot

(I believe 3 more times) in the Vitals to make sure the Beast was down.

I am also quite sure he did not work for the US Forest Service, he and Buddy

were deer Hunting but they also had a Bear Tag.

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Thanks for the replies.....I thought this had to be an old e-mail being rehashed in another story.........these pics show the left side of the face pretty good though and the left side of the face is intact with no holes but the snout is definatly red so maybe the right side was shot.......way to big (12ft+ 1600lbs) and the story didn't make enough sense to be real!!!

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