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  1. I'll guess 3M knew it was bad! But back then pollution was a given fact it was ignorance on most behalfs but 3M scientists??? I bet they just kept quiet knowing their job was at steak! Back then the Mississippi was next to dead raw sewage flowing in was accepted!
  2. Of course the studies of 3M by 3M are going to favor 3M.There capping all the wells in that area showing signs of PFCs.I believe 3Ms payin the bill. Now the lakes? they'll only find more lakes and the list will grow just as the area well list has continuly grown since first discovered,by people constantly sick! But it does no harm???
  3. Thanks thought somthin was wrong with my connection
  4. Not positive but I think I remember drains are not allowed in garages,you'd have to ask your local inspecter. Think I'd start digging a ditch to drain it.It probably would have wise to fill the area before creating the problem
  5. With greentreated I plan way ahead buy wood, stack it with spacers so it will air dry.I also use straps, the turn buckel for tightening,4 on 16ft lumber dries straight and even,no twists or warps,Screw some down and if I leave the pile I'll restrap it.Once its properly fastened down with grain cup ^ it stays just fine.
  6. I brought my cat tackleboxes in yesterday,gonna order some heavier norolls,I really dont carry lots of stuff other than weights,hooks,leader.After my increase in lead,I'm looking to hire some porters.The lead box is too small now and I'm adding more gotta get a larger box that wont break with the weight.
  7. 911 get it back & jail them.No assult charges for thives to file!
  8. What knid of material is underdeck? Does it install before deck?can it be installed after deck is in place?
  9. I save tomato seed no freeze thaw I dry them in fall store and plant indoors,the Hybrid seed dont work,heritage seeds are what I save.There are some seed that do need the freeze thaw not tomatos.If I plan on planting hybrids I buy them each or every other year. Fruit trees I've got apples & cherries now doin great had pears at another place and plan on two this year at this place.the pears are sooo much sweeter than store bought!
  10. Those are made to match old style base,they can be used with new but they may look abit large in comparison to standard base. A bit of practice and your outside corners will improve!
  11. Seeing theres some attention here was my first answer correct?The windings make the diff between 12 & 24 V.Making it impossible to convert a 24 V to 12 or the other way.
  12. That was always my first bite crunchy.I just started filleting them two years ago,my other half likes em filleted.That platter sure looks pretty!
  13. Galleria mellonella moth. Yep I got the wrong worms! Bad info. Cant remember the ice worms we raised when I was young? But they turned into a black beetle bout 3/4 - 1 inch long.
  14. I've poked my hands in some holes up my way,just feelin its ilegal to actually take em with hands.If it wasnt I'd invite ya up.kinda spookie but with some prodin ya could catch some crawdads that way and who knows what else ya'd feel! just dont take em! or beavers, muskrats,mink no poisonous snakes to worry bout.
  15. Get some bran--put it & them a box wood preferably with air vents screened,stick em in your basement,they'll pupate turn to black beetles,lay eggs and by next year you'll have too many for your self,they'll eat the bran so watch it and replentish when needed. the waxies are larval stage of the beetle
  16. Actually the red river between Texas and Ok. flowage wise is simular to the Mn.When flooding which happens after most any rain its the Mn flooded 10X over.When at normal stage noodlin is goin on for those who do it.ITS SPOOKIE! Course I'm upstream from most here.but down there is close to the red only smaller scale.
  17. Lots of panneling is embossed paper,ya paint it the paper absorbs moisture expands,bubbles and looks terrible. Wood grain panneling the grain always shows till it has many coats of paint to fill the grain. So make sure ya have real wood panneling before your sorry ya painted it. I personally painted different panneling and was never satified with the look!
  18. Ya I'm goin on 58 and dont even give it a thought,My Dad whos yet alive hunted till he was bout 87.
  19. Thermal insulation problems This a COPY & PASTE Faced with drafty houses and high heating bills, homeowners often add thermal insulation to their attics and walls. Insulation on top of knob and tube wiring is a major fire hazard. Remember the first good point of knob and tube wiring? The wire suspended in open air allows heat to dissipate. Loose and rolled insulation counteracts the original open air installation of knob and tube wiring. In 1987, the National Electric Code prohibited the placement of insulation in contact with this type wiring.
  20. If your buddy has the tools and does aircraft,He should have rivets on hand or know where to get solid aluminum rivets.I'm sure he most likly knows the best method to repair it. For a chart of rivets and recommended legnths try Hansonrivet there is a chart with all ya need. [note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again. thanks!]
  21. The air hammer works great as long as you have the correct rivet set.For rivetsets try Klassic tool Crib they cost bout 6-8 bucks each.Klassic is aircraft tools so your friend probably has the correct sets which are most likly Brazier or modified brazier 3/16s
  22. Have you checked with the city for set backs? Last place I did on the Eastside required 6 ft side set backs,If your taking that structer out you'll be required to meet current side clearances. Is that existing building bout 22ft. ? How wide is your lot 50ft ? 40ft?
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