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I am thinking of getting into this.... What should I be looking for in a gun??? Also is the DNR going to change the season?? I know they are changing the zones for rifle hunting. Which days are the muzzleloader season?? Thanks in advance..

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What kind of gun are you thinking?

If you want just a regular muzzleloader.

*CVA Kodiak

*TC Omega

*TC Trimuph

something along those lines

If you want to switch barrels

*CVA Optima Pro

*TC Encore

*TC Pro Hunter

BRAND NEW TC Encore Endeavor

I wanted a muzzlelloader that breaks in half and switch barrels. If you are nervous about kick go with the pro hunter otherwise the Encore and the Optima Pro are other options. I would stick with the main brands like CVA and TC. Depending on where you are hunting some states allow scopes some don't. but if your in a shotgun zone you can use your muzzleloader with a scope during the rifle season.

I personally like a break action gun because of the ease for removing the primer. My dad has a bolt action style and has to use a tool to put his primer on and off.

I would suggest staying with the 209 primer's. Easier then heck then the caps and primers.

Season is usually Saturday after thanksgiving and goes for 3 weeks.

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I think the main thing you need to answer is how much you want to pay. They range from roughly $150.00 (base no frills models)to about $800.00 (stainless/lifetime warranties). Then go out and see which one feels the best.

One word of warning - if you don't want to spend a lot, don't pick up an expensive model cause it might be hard to put down.

*The gun buying philosophy taught to me by my old man - "There are enough things in this life to skimp and cut corners on but guns aint one of them".

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I agree with Code-man, a break action ML is my preference. It is easier getting the primer out of the breech.

For price, I picked up a CVA Wolf for $119 for a gift for my dad. Nice gun with fiber optics, break open style, and a nice stock. I own a TC Triumph that is basically the same style for $430. Price varies depending on manufacturer, options, etc. If you don't know whether or not you'll like it you may want to go the less expensive route.

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If you are looking to just get into this, i would go with the CVA, reason for it, if you buy the gun and find out you hate it, then you dont have all this money stuck into it.

And the best part about getting the cheaper one first, if you do fall in love with the sport, and are looking to bump up a bit, well now you have two of them.

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