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  1. rowdyf

    Ground vs whole meat jerky

    I too use the American Harvest dehydrator and use their (Nesco) original seasoning. I have a grinder attachment for our Kitchen aid mixer and it works great! I usually run mine through the grinder twice to insure it is ground well enough.
  2. rowdyf

    spruce grouse?

    Try from Ely east to Isabella and Finland areas. I have picked up quite a few in this area. As far as cooking them, I have used a flour/spice breading and they have been very good. A different taste than a ruffed grouse for sure.
  3. rowdyf

    Best Hunting/Day pack for the money?

    I have the Cabelas Elite Scout pack and am very pleased with it. I really like the "bat wing" flap which allows you to carry clothes and your jacket into your stand without getting sweated up.
  4. rowdyf

    Favorite MN State Fair Food!!!

    cheese curds and the beer tent
  5. rowdyf

    BWCA Camping Tips

    Ditto that. We just got out too. Cold weather gear is a must. Fleece is good but if it gets wet takes a long time to dry in cool weather. Lightweight pants weren't enough, had to have the rain pants on to stay warm enough. Bring an extra tarp for a place to "wait it out" if its raining or windy. Don't plan on cooking over the fire as your only means, bring a camp stove as a backup. Have fun!
  6. rowdyf

    Your favorite Brand?

    Heinz ketchup Bulls Eye BBQ sauce Chi Chi's taco seasoning!!! Shorelunch breading Kool-aid mix for those BWCA trips Inglehoffer horseradish
  7. rowdyf

    My Weber:

    Gas for convenience, coal for flavor. My $179 thermos select has been going strong for 3+ years! We also have a Grill Pro at the cabin...been a good grill too. Would like to try a Weber some day, maybe when the Thermos gives up