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  1. I am thinking of grinding my ducks and geese into hamburger and mixing with either fatty beef or pork. Anyone ever try this and have any suggestions? How's the taste?
  2. I am thinking of grinding my ducks and geese into hamburger and mixing with either fatty beef or pork. Anyone ever try this and have any suggestions? How's the taste?
  3. Anyone know if the cultivar of sugar maple called "Fall Fiesta" would be good for tapping maple syrup when they get large? Anyone have any experience or know anything about this variety of sugar maple? They look like they are a nice looking maple with great fall color. I would be planting some in Duluth and some in northern Itasca County.
  4. For bigger crabapples that will fall to the ground for deer and turkey try Dolgo, Whitney, Chestnut, Centennial varieties. I have had good luck with all even in wooded conditions if they get light and I fence them from deer browse and put a white plastic tube around stem to prevent damage from rabbits, mice and bucks. The chestnut crabs seem to do the best.
  5. I'm encouraged with grouse in my hunting area west of Bigfork. In setting trail cameras on May 18th, I bumped a grouse off her nest. Returning on June 13th I checked the nest and found all eggs had hatched and I ran into the mother with several of the little peepers about 50 yards away from the nest. I ran into 3 different grouse mothers with broods within a half a mile that day.I think with all the snow the grouse had it good last winter. The deer on the other hand suffered. This is the second spring in a row where I have failed to pick up a fawn on my trail cameras. The area by Big
  6. I am going to put in a couple small patches on some private land up north. I am going to try a mixed clover/chicory plot and a mixed brassica plot (turnip and rape from the the local feed store mixed with "Trophy Radishes" (google Trophy Radishes as it looks interesting). I plan to rotate the plot beds annually as planting brassicas in the same spot year after year will tend to build up disease susceptibility in the soil. I planted a food plot about 10 years ago with a mixture of Frigid Forage brand Wildlife Buffet-Monster Magnet-Big and Beasty Brassicas which was very successful. I do think
  7. Not even starting to green up yet. Still got areas of snow in my yard up here. With the cold wind off the big lake the snow is taking its time melting this year!
  8. I ended up ordering some full-wrap Labonville chaps online for $92 including shipping. Now I need the rest of the snow to finally melt up here so I can get out and use them!
  9. Thanks for all the input. I have been looking around town and on the web. Anyone have any experience with Labonville chaps? http://www.labonville.com/Chainsaw-Safety-Chaps-W850KPX--40-Length_p_33.html They are made out of layers of kevlar and seem about the same price as the Stihls. Reviews are good on them too.
  10. Looking to buy some good quality chainsaw chaps for safety. I use a chainsaw maybe a half a dozen times per year cutting firewood and thinning trees. Anyone out there with experience on different brands of chaps they would recommend? Thanks.
  11. No luck for me. Weather was tough - Last Wednesday the public land clover fields I hunt got covered with a foot of snow. Snow didn't melt out of the fields until yesterday. The Toms I saw for the most part were henned up on private land with no interest in coming over to the public land where I was calling. I hunted with my dad and son - we went 1 for 3 with my dad taking a Tom Saturday in the wind. The gobbling seemed to pick up the last couple days with warmer weather - zone B and later hunters should have more action in the area I hunt.
  12. I copied my Hi-8 tapes onto DVD but would like to convert to digital and save on the computer for long term. What do you mean by "ripping them onto your computer?" What would I need?
  13. I can't wait to get this draft over so we can put this thread to rest as everything that could be said has been said and it is getting old! Oh well keeping up on this discussion has given me something to do between ice fishing and turkey hunting. Outdoorswise this is a slow time of the year as I look at the 3+ feet of snow outside my window!
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