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  1. Black jack hit some very important topics with his posts. ScanDisks are the only way to go and you also have to be careful that you don't over do the max SD size for the camera. I have been told by salesmen and I have seen it also if you max out your card your camera can run slower and get blurry pictures. I have 4 cameras 3 are Moultries. I have also had to return about 4 Moultries due to them not working properly. Scheels is awesome for switching them out and sending you back on your way but for some odd reason all my cameras didn't work from the get go instead of crashing later. I usually change batteries when they get down to 30-40% because I don't know when the next time I will be out there again.
  2. I have the tote and I like it for fitting all my gear in it and how the lid locks down. Does it work? Well if you find something that is air tight it will be the same only difference is the carbon piece on top but when I put my gear in there I open up some Earth Scents to cover anything anyways. I wouldn't buy it again.
  3. Rage claims they wont be affected for a mechanical but I don't trust them. If the bugs aren't bad screens are off in my main shooting lanes
  4. I have the Drenalin and just switched limbs from 60's to 70's. I have a 5 pin sight and with the 60's I only used 4 pins since I went 20, 30, 40 and 50. I still had PLENTY or room to put a 60 yard pin but one thing THAT'S A LONG FLIPPING WAYS! haha I just put the 70# limbs on this spring and kept my 20 yard pin up as high as possible and have slowly worked out to about 40 yards but I have a feeling with my set up I could put my last pin about 70 yards, will I? HAHAH NO! but I could. I have noticed that my pins have gotten a lot closer together which is nice since I'm shooting flatter and faster but I don't know why you are not able to gain more yardage. My 10 yard and 20 yard shots are almost identical so I don't waste time with a 10 yard pin. I'm not a big fan of the single pin sights and this might be one of the disadvantages of them.
  5. I have heard lots but not sure what will work but when I was in Scheels in Des Moines shopping I saw in the pet isle they had "toys" that were soft "sheds." Probably not a bad idea to try one of those and go from there.
  6. Burning does wonders! If they do it early enough it turns the ground obviously black but it makes the ground warm up sooner. Which encourages seedlings to germinate and will give more nutrition to the does the last few weeks to a month before they drop the fawns and ultimately will have better milk and since it will be new growth easier to eat for the fawns. It will cause some seeds to germinate that need fire (pines) and some grasses. It's a great way to get rid of weeds by burning because most of their seeds are very shallow and it help eliminate mats/dead growth. If you have poplars you will see a TON of them! They root sucker and you'll find a big increase in them which will give them some cover and a bow hunters nightmare for finding a clear shot! The bucks for the most part will keep same routes but you might find that they might favor an area for feeding now that some older growth has been removed. It does amazing works on fields that were thick grasses that you could barely walk in but that will sometimes change bedding locations. For the most part it will be the same property but I would reconsider all "bedding" and "feeding" spots that you've previously considered just incase it changes something.
  7. Just make it fun and you wont end up with a 400 dollar paper weight! I know for me when I started shooting i had a big learning curve then once I got my form down I was able to increase the poundage every week. 27" Draw is even longer then mine and I'm a guy! I have a 26" draw with 24" arrows but I have 400 grain arrows. I spend a lot of hunting in a ground blind and didn't want to get over crazy with length of arrows. Nothing wrong with going to the range and practicing think there are lot less in put costs! NO BAIT, NO BOAT GAS, NO TAXIDERMY BILL!!!!
  8. I shoot the Full Contain by Trophy Taker. I looked at the QAD and Ripcord but wanted something a little bit more secure in containing my arrow.
  9. I've been scouting for turkeys on our land and up till about 10 days ago I didn't have a turkey. I finally had 2 come through and now in the past week I've been having 5-10 come through. Granted that isn't much but that's just what that camera is catching. With all this snow I'm hoping it pushes things back and turkey season will be good that last two weeks of the season! I already have my blind set up but I'm on private property and hoping the birds come on through!
  10. I tried the Lumenock and I was having a hard time with them turning on so I tried the Tracers and had a lot better results. They turn on with a magnet but I wasn't too impressed with them though. I ended up removing them since a friend of mine said if you use them and you shoot a pope and young your animal don't get into the book.
  11. I was looking at the Nikon Monarch's when I was shopping around. I liked them a lot and they were 2nd on my list of ranking the sets that I tried. I settled with Leupold's Majovie's (sp?). If you look online at Cabelas they have been running some amazing deals on them lately. I bow hunt and I like how the Leupold's are open in the center they are easier to grab with one hand. I have the 10x50's but I wanted a little bit further then the 42's because we might be going into SD or ND more often and would like the distance.
  12. I finally got out to check my cameras. They have been out over a month and I had a total of 6 pictures of turkeys. Not great results for I had 4 cameras but one didn't work so hopefully now it'll pick up!
  13. A friend of mine is shooting fingers with his Mathews. Been shooting it for most of his life and when he changes over to a release it don't go so good for him. He was told he should shoot a drop away rest and just wondering what people thought about a person shootings fingers and shooting with a drop away?
  14. If I remember Scoot application is free for residents but I don't know for non. I'm thinking of applying but I haven't gotten a definate yes from either group that I would be hunting with so just a bit nervous. Plus I might be moving to SD so it might put a wrench in fall hunting plans! If you can find out what Jim says and keep us posted.
  15. WE=White Earth I guess we always just say WE and since I know about Scoot having ties with a cabin on WE Lake just assumed so. Scoot you should hit up Leech aka Jim and double check. He'd be more up to date with laws and worse case probably cover you for a beer or a fishing trip lol!
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