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  1. I have been thinking about raising a couple dozen and setting them free in the later part of the summer... I am thinking about getting chicks in middle to late May... I could keep them in my garage with a heat lamp. I was told a rubber maid container works good when they are young. When they get older could a guy get buy with a screen tent? Looking forward to your replies.
  2. The_King48

    Clay tile sewer line

    I work in a sewer and water dept for a city in the metro area. I wouldn't camera your line unless you want to waste money. At best every year cleaning is very normal. Some need twice a year. DON"T HIRE R&R. They will upsell you every time. If you get a quote of 10 G thats WAY to much even if they have to dig in the street. Piple lining works but its about 100 per foot. Sewers contractors are dicey. Take the time and do your homework or PM me and I can lead you in the right direction.
  3. The_King48

    Stands....food plots...

    loosegoose.... Do you use plexi glass for your windows? How do you get them to "seal" up?
  4. The_King48

    30 # Propane Fills

    Tractor Supply only charges you what they put in. I highly recommend them, expecially if your topping off a tank.
  5. The_King48

    Wheel house dilema

    Agree! IF your a runner stick with a portable. Only advantage to a wheel house is you can get out of the wind and watch TV in shorts. Then if its that windy out where a portable is miserable, I wouldn't want to run and gun. Never had a door for the ATV but I sure wish I did now since I bought a ATV.
  6. The_King48

    Polaris Ranger - ice castle tongue weight

    I have a 8 x 16 Ice Castle and my tounge weight is 360 lbs. That is with two empty propane tanks. I've pulled it numerous times with a 650 cat... Use low range and common sense
  7. The_King48

    Satellite in Fish House - Direct or Dish?

    I have direct but I also have that in my house. I would go with whatever is cheaper.... I think its a ford / chevy argument. If hd is important than go with dish.
  8. The_King48


    Still on my original vexilar charger
  9. The_King48

    gas mileage

    11-13 mpg with f150 2010.
  10. The_King48

    Direct TV in the fish house

    I called Winegard and my H24 box is compatible with there dish. I think that's the way I'm going.
  11. The_King48

    Wheel House Skis

    I made a ski for the front so I can pull my house with a atv. It worked good on my test run in the street.
  12. The_King48

    Direct TV in the fish house

    dam this sounds complicated..... Does anybody live close to St Michael or Otsego that would be willing to help me for the first time.?
  13. The_King48

    Yamaha 3000 IESB generator

    I have portable AC unit that I use in the summer. I would like to do some more remote "camping". I would like ac and satellite tv for the kid when we are going to crash for the night.
  14. The_King48

    Direct TV in the fish house

    Can I get standard definition on the H25?