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OK, so I get a tub of this product. I have some questions about it:

1. If I leave it in the back seat of my car in cold weather, will it freeze and break the container? What’s the freezing point?

2. What’s the shelf life? Will it overwinter in my garage? If I leave it in my boat all summer does it get funky or rancid? (and how could you tell?) Would it be wise to put half the liquid in another container and leave it in the fridge till the first half is gone?

3. I don’t want to dig the grubs/worms out with my fingers, not because I’m afraid of the smell but because a certain amount of the liquid will disappear with each dipping of fingers. If I use a needlenose pliers, will the pliers get rusty? Do I need to remember to keep the stainless forceps handy?

4. Another related question: I put a worm on a jig and a few minutes later I have to leave the lake, maybe for a day or a week, whatever. Can I put the jig and worm back into the tub? Will the hook corrode? Will the contamination of the juice with addition of a few drops of lake water cause a problem, i.e. chemical breakdown, fungus, general degradation?

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The answers are yes and yes. It will freeze but I havent had a container break. I dont know what the freezing point is but I have gone in the back of the truck and garage and had frozen gulp alive products.

Yes you can take it off the hook and put it back in the juice. I have even put some Power Shiners in the juice for a few minutes and then used them.

I have seen shows where the guys keep dipping the Gulp in the Alive juice to freshen it up.

I have had some Alive product since it 1st came out and its still ok. In and out of cold in the winter and heat in summer. It doesnt seem effected at all. I do buy the medium containers. Those big ones are way too pricey for this guy.

As far as not using fingers I do and feel it helps cover my scent. If ya want a needle nose should be fine. Heck they are cheap anyways.

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Northlander, you're pretty much right on with your answer. Following is a response from PureFishing. I think I've seen other posts where guys have put other kinds of soft baits in the Gulp liquid, but PureFishing doesn't think it's a good idea other than to spray it or dip it:

The freezing point is in the mid 20s degree F. It will not hurt the physical integrity of the baits to freeze and thaw. Having said that it is still not a good practice to have the baits go through repeated freeze/thaws over and over again. As for the container we did repeated freeze thaw testing on an upright bucket with no failures, but if this bucket is left on it's side when frozen it may rupture the seal and leak.

Do not soak any other baits other than Gulp!in the liquid. However the Gulp! Alive spray may be sprayed on lures as they are being fished.

We do our aging test out to 3 years, but most of our baits will last longer than that. If unopened. After being opened it depends on how many times a used bait is put back in the bucket, but most generally they will last for at least 2 seasons of fishing. For the most part as long as the bait is flexible, soft and not falling apart it is good.

You can also put the older type gulp into the jar of Alive fluid and can add any of the fluid to the older bags of Gulp without any complications.

In regards to pliers getting rusty...It depends on the quality of the finish, but in general a quick dip should not hurt the finish.

All equipment should be washed off with fresh water immediately if it come in contact with the fluid.

Do not leave baits on your hook when not fishing. It will harden like cement and be very hard to get off the hook.

See also attachmetns for further Gilp info.



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I now have multiple colors and varieties in one pail... Thus reducing the number of packets I used to carry. This stuff is live heaven in a pail!!!! I use almost exclusive gulp in Canada on Lac Seul and this is the cat's meow!!!!

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