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  1. While you're checking out those other things, check to be sure the exhaust isn't plugged.
  2. One thing I've always wondered is how the SI transducer is mounted so the signal on one side doesn't get blocked by the motor.
  3. I also have a Mariner 40 on one of my boats. I've never had a time I wished I had tilt/trim - never thought about it.
  4. I might be interested. Where are you located?
  5. Here's a guide to fix the eyelet
  6. I have one that I had on a small pontoon and am getting rid of the pontoon. I have no idea what the motor is worth though. I'm not sure of the age but it's a 36lb 795 minnkota foot control. PM me if you want to talk further.
  7. .264 qt (.264x32oz) is about 8.5 oz. If you have 9 oz, don't spill.
  8. if you are installing a new seat and can't remove another bolt to measure it, check the thread depth with a small screwdriver or toothpick, whatever you have handy. You probably want the bolt to use up as much of the threads as possible. I think most are 20x1/4" and 1 or 2" long. It has been a while since I looked at one and I'm too lazy to go out and pull one out.
  9. Please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  10. I agree that it doesn't matter if the female is caught during the season or during spawning making the net result the same. My issue is that there is a large concentration of the bigger fish in a small area making them much more vulnerable. A few people catching a bunch of the big ones there will have more of an impact.
  11. I doubt that they will still be spawning by Memorial Day anyway.
  12. My personal opinion is that it isn't ethical to target walleyes during the spawn. I wouldn't do it nor would I help someone else do it.
  13. I don't think you want to ground the electronics or motor or anything else to the hull. Run ground wires for everything back to the battery. If the hull is grounded and a hot wire touches the hull, you will get sparks. If that happens in the area of the fuel tank you may have a problem.
  14. I agree with this. or go down to Hwy 14.
  15. The link below shows a Johnson motor but my Evinrudes have the same configuration. Primer/choke on the left, starter button to the right of that. I pull the choke 8-10 times if it is cold and it starts right up. It needs a little priming when it is cold. There should be a primer/choke button on it somewhere. if not, pull the cover and look to see if something is missing.
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