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  1. I put 2 or 3 wraps of teflon tape on jar threads. Has worked well for me for several years summer and winter.
  2. Just fwiw..... I can remember in 1967 eating quite a few C rations (canned food) that were dated 1948. They weren't bad..especially if you were real hungry. I liked the ham & lima beans.... the pound cake was kinda solid.
  3. I put chain im an old Clam's skirt...works good.
  4. danwilliams


    If the a/c was working fine and then started tripping breaker...I'd check condenser fan and then the condenser for dirty coils... over charge will only happen after it's been serviced of course..again most commonly charged on a day in 60s or 70s..and then when you get a hot day.. thought i better add that... good luck.
  5. danwilliams


    While you guys have the top off cleaning the condenser coils be sure and oil both ends of the condenser fan motor...they lead a rough life exposed to weather.. will save a semi costly repair. Regarding breaker tripping or blown fuses... the most common cause by far is an overcharge..lived 26 years in Tucson..for a 10 year period starting in 80s I worked as a civilian at the Air Force base..Davis Monthan. We had one guy that would always put too high a charge in in spring start up..first days over 100 they'd have too high side pressure and an over amped condition..blow a fuse every time.. of course other things can cause it too..
  6. I mow with a 1978 John Deere ...has a 12 hp Kohler....took some work to get it reliable after I bought it 3 years ago when I moved up from the desert...I enjoy it..got a lot of trees on my 2 acres though and it don't turn very sharp.. Wonder how it'd do against your Cadet?
  7. "If you don't have a "smoker" I can tell you how to smoke with a grill." I'd sure be interested in learning how .... (danwilliams1 at yahoo)
  8. Confess it worked so good in my portable I banked my actual house with it this year...works wonderful. I'll take it down in spring..can't believe I convinced my wife to let me do it..Gives the place that distinct "Onamia" look.. LOL
  9. Great idea on the boots! So obvious..why didn't I think of it? LOL Have had it in my old Fish Trap a couple years..it's great.. Also I lined the inside of sled and that really made a difference.
  10. I spent about half a day looking for my pan fish jigs box this year....they were in one of my boat tackle boxes.... I have lots of bait pucks....couldn't find them last year so bought more...mid winter found the old ones...sitting empty in a bin in my garage where I wouldn't lose them.. Gettin old ain't for light weights.. LOL
  11. Being the lazy type....I blow out the pilot orifice on my Buddies every fall when I pull them off the shelf. Use my air hose and nozzle... Also...NOT recommending this....the tilt switch can be easily jumped around on a Buddy. Then they're like a heater/cooker and won't go out every time they're bumped.
  12. Kauf.. You're making it too hard..slow down and ..Just go to Vados home page..bottom left you'll see.."Vados Bait Express Shipping Business". Click where it says "Come on in..click here" Follow the steps.
  13. Ahhh Mongo beat me..slow typer I am...like we say it's easy and you'll have them within a day or two.
  14. Kauf.. Just go to Vados home page..bottom left you'll see.."Vados Bait Express Shipping Business". Click where it says "Come on in..click here" Follow the easy steps..I order 2000 at a time. They keep well in fridge..I use a bait container or sometimes an air tight mason jar. The plain seem to keep better than colored and I can't tell difference in fish catching. I had to order 2000 more lin mid winter last year..got a lil Bro and a 73 year old neighbor I share with... LOL
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