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Rough fish get together?

Eric Wettschreck

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After reading some other posts, it seems like a rough fish get together could be a possibility. I'm just tossing this out to see if yous guys would be interested. If so, I can start putting something together.

If I put this together, my idea is to hold this on Lime Lake in SW Minnesota. If you've never heard of this lake (why would anyone know of this lake???), take a peek at a map. Halfway between Worthington and Marshall on HWY 59, north of Fulda, south of Slayton. Why this lake? In a nutshell, because I know this lake very well. This lake is jam packed with both carp and buffalo. There is a very nice county park that provides both tent and RV camping, a picnic shelter, biffys, and a nice boat ramp that we can use. This park is located right at the dam for Lime creek. There are numerous places for shore fishing both along the lake, the creek, and the small dam spillway. The spillway is one of the places I enjoy bowfishing for carp and buffalo. I'm thinking early June as that's when they are packed thick in the 3 creeks entering and leaving the lake, and up along the shorelines making a mess.

As a bonus, the lake and Lime creek has a healthy population of Northern Pike, Crappie, and perch. If you lose interest in the rough fish you can go tackle the other species.

I'm open for suggestions. Is there any interest out there???

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I was thinkin sometime early to mid-June. So far, tho, I'm not gettin a warm fuzzy feeling. It's a bit of travel for your average Joe. I'll let it ride for a while and get input from the fellas before I decide on anything.

Got bow??? They're thick.

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They are already running pretty thick in the creek areas. I've never been to Lime Lake, and was thinking about maybe heading down there, but I just took a look at a map and thats a few good hours from New Prague, MN. cry.gif

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