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  1. I also think it is waaaaaaaay easier to adjust the speed with your foot on a Terrova versus a Power Drive.
  2. I'm pretty sure that all modern synthetics are compatible with conventional oils.
  3. I think the Terrova is that much better.
  4. I've never had a pointer, but here are my thoughts: #1) Your dog will more than likely be able to distinguish between "work" (ie hunting) time and "play" (ie walks, etc) time. Point in case, in training dogs to pull, they very quickly pick up on the idea that pulling is good when in a harness, but they still walk on leash easily, without pulling. Your pointer should be similar--Dad's got the shotgun. Time to hunt! #2) If you really want to be careful, don't use a command like "no". Instead, use something like "let's go" or "leave it". That way you won't be teaching him/her not to point, just to leave it alone on your command.
  5. No kidding. He's usually faster with shipping than the local place I have used.
  6. I noticed that Soderbloom's is offering 25% off prop repair through February. I just shipped one off to him this morning!
  7. Small world. I got an e-mail about Aeden this morning. I hope he returns home, soon!
  8. I don't know anything about the one on our house other than I like it
  9. LOL, several of our friends feed a raw diet to their dogs, and turkey necks are a daily thing for them.
  10. Me, too. One less carburetor to maintain. I've got a Toro that works pretty slick. Blow em into a pile and then suck them up. It really reduces the number of bags of leaves I collect.
  11. Ralph Wiggum

    Injured Pads

    I put bag balm on them when they get really beat up. Seems to help a bit.
  12. JeffB, you've got me drooling on my keyboard. That setup sounds way awesome.
  13. I always freeze cheeses when I'm not going to use them right away and have never had an issue with anything not melting.
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