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Flying With Guns


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Anyone flow recently with guns? What are the regulations these days? What hassles can I expect? I'm talking shotgun, no handguns.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Agree 100% with boilerguy.

I haven't flown with rifle since about 2001. Basically, locked it in hard case, with ammo inside case, and you must show the ticket agent the inside before again locking. I used a padlock around the handles back then.

But I did a quick check on NWA and here is their current policy - I would suggest getting the type lock TSA uses:

Firearms, Handguns, and Ammunition

Passengers should check with Northwest for current policies, requirements, and restrictions on traveling with firearms and related items.

Northwest Airlines does not accept guns or firearms of any kind in carry-on luggage.

Passengers under 18 years of age traveling alone will not be allowed to check any type of gun.

Northwest accepts handguns, BB guns, rifles, and shotguns as checked luggage, with certain limitations and requirements.

Northwest accepts one of the following in lieu of one piece of luggage included in the free luggage allowance:

One (1) rifle case containing no more than four (4) rifles/shotguns, one (1) shooting mat, one (1) noise suppressor and tools.

Two (2) rifle cases containing a combined maximum total of four (4) rifles/shotguns is considered as one (1) item.

One (1) pistol case containing no more than five (5) handguns, one (1) scope, one (1) noise suppressor and tools.

When checked piece containing guns is in excess of free weight allowance, appropriate excess charges apply.

In addition to one (1) of the above items, Northwest accepts small arms ammunition up to a maximum of 11 pounds (5 kg). Guns and ammunition may be in the same piece of luggage. However, ammunition must be within its own packaging.

For trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific travel, firearms may be included in the free luggage allowance as described above. However, for international travel you must obtain and comply with regulations governing the transportation of firearms for *ALL* countries you are traveling to, including those where only flight connections occur.

Northwest accepts firearms, handguns, and ammunition under the following conditions:

All firearms must be locked in a suitable crush-proof / hard-sided container manufactured specifically for firearms or hard-sided suitcase. Hard-shell gun cases can be purchased at domestic airports.

Ammunition must be in the manufacturer's original packaging or a container specifically designed for ammunition. Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles will not be accepted.

Due to TSA regulations, gun cases must be properly locked. Often gun cases require further TSA inspection.

To avoid the breaking of passenger's gun case locks, NWA recommends the use of TSA approved locks. TSA approved locks (Searchalert) come with a tool that enables TSA screeners to open the lock without damaging it. Searchalert locks are available for sale at NWA stations in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Northwest does not accept liability for loss, damage, or delay of firearms, handguns, and ammunition. Excess valuation insurance may not be purchased for transport of firearms, handguns, and ammunition.

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Good idea to check with the airlines. This is a pretty general guideline. Hope it helps.

They have to be in checked baggage only and declared to the airlines. Unloaded and in a hard side case. The case should be locked with the key or combination available. Ammunition must be separate and in it's original container.

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