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probably done for the year


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unfortunately i am probably done ice fishing for the year. on saturday night i broke my leg because i was clumsy and slipped on ice on the driveway. broke my tibula..i have had a "jammed" finger for 3 weeks from baskeball, i figured at the ER i would have them look at it, so they did. and thats broken too!! past my last knuckle the bone is completely broken off. i have surgery tommorrow and a pin is going to be keeping my bone in my finger together, i am going to be having a pin sticking out of the top of my finger for a month..to go along with that i will have to wear a splint going halfway up my arm, because of my leg i am wearing a huge boot and on crutches..using crutches is going to get very tough, but i am going to try to get through it without a wheelchair. finger should take 12 weeks to recover and leg is 6-8 weeks...its not horrible and things could be worse, ive never had surgery so im a lil nervous lol.thoughts or prayers would be nice.

thank you,


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thanks guys..yea it doesnt hurt any worse than a jammed finger...when i saw the xrays i couldnt believe it..yea hopefully i can find somethin to do in florida, we are going to go to twins spring training so that should be cool! haha not going to be able to get my early rounds of golf in lol, prob no golf till late may/early june

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Burnham, that isnt good news...you are right, it could be worse...both those surgeries are pretty straight forward though...probably shouldn't get into the water on your trip with open sores...orthopod probably will tell you the same thing...anyway, hope all goes well, and recovery is uneventful.

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Man that sucks...welcome to my world...

Broke my left arm...both lower bones straight through had surgery to put it back together, can still feel the holes in the bone.

A year later i 'sprain' my wrist. Thats what the trainer at my high school said...went to the doctor after playing for 2 weeks and practicing...he says its broke. Then he goes this is going to hurt a little......HE RE BRAKES IT...the worst thing in the world to happen to anyone! Bones spurs in my left ankle same year later in the season.

The following year in baseketball...took an elbow to the chin...cracked it straight across...bottom front row of teeth folded backwards...without the braces would have lost nearly the entire bottom row of teeth. Bone spurs in the right ankle later in this season.

I have re injured the ankles numerous times, but next serious injury was a knee playing softball...twisted it and jammed it real bad...puffed up to the size of a baseball within 20 minutes of the injury.

Chipped a bone in my elbow diving for a loose ball in basketball recently.

I may be the most injured 25 year old in the world...i still play as many sports as i can...basketball 4 times a week and as much softball as i can in the summer at least twice a week.

You'll heal and keep on keeping on. Injuries suck!

At least you won't have casts on two arms at the same time!

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That's harsh my friend, but you will be OK. Doctors are all good at taking care of you for broken bones. I wouldn't worry about the surgeries, you'll go out and when you wake up you'll see the casts and then you just have to heal. There will be plonty of time for fishing when you get better. My best advice is to take it easy and let her heal. You need to push it to an extent, but don't over do it.

Hope you get better soon.

P.S. You went with a broken finger for that long and you're already whining about your leg? Man up!!!!! Hehehehehe. JK. Heal up man.

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yea surgery went well, im on vikadin..dont hurt too bad. i actually probably wont need surgery for the leg if it heals like it should...i chose to stay awake for the surgery, i started talking to a guy about hunting and fishing during the entire surgery lol, its amazing how numb my arm/hand was, hardly felt anything..wow tisosy thats a lot lol.....heres a pic of gimpy(me)


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haha thanks guys, yea i dont know why the finger didnt hurt worse...its not my thumb, its my middle finger lol..haha it is tough to get around on the crutches but i manage..yes we do have a lot of ice to melt, might take a while to melt all of it

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Beautiful. I believe you will heal very fast. It goes fast. In 2003 I was in a car crash. A blazer hit my car doing 60 mph. The front tire of my car came through the floor and crushed BOTH of my leggs. I was non-weight bearing both leggs for over 3 months. I think the femur butterfly fracture hurt the most. My advise.. as soon as you can slow down and stop taking those Vicadin. I was like a crack fiend looking for a fix when I ran out. Switch to ibuprofins or alieve as soon as you can.

Oh and by the way. You can ice fish on crutches (I did) But keep those sticks straight for sure!! I pray for your speedy recovery!!

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