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  1. I have a non-insulated version and moisture build up sucks. I bought a moving blanket at northern tool for $7 but have yet to make it back out to try.
  2. I'd say this was certainly our best year for bigger fish. 12 of 17 were over 50" with 2 over 60". In years past we've had better numbers but lots of 40" fish. Got a text today with a 72 1/2"!!!!
  3. I've got both, the nuvi I think works well other than you can't zoom in as much as I like. The navionics app is a steal for $10 and works well too but will use a ton of data.
  4. He could have done the wierd thing and politely asked the other angler to move his truck.....
  5. Best humidor I've ever had is tupperware with spanish cedar inside! Doesn't get much cheaper than that. A Tupperdor!
  6. I saw the idea here a year or two ago and tried it last year. I gotta say it works great especially with really light line and those stupid bobber stop knots that always seem to catch on the reel!! This doesn't happen with the fly reel. I have 2 cheaper ones and haven't had an issue with the drag yet, just use my hand to control it is all. I should add that I only use it for panfish though.
  7. Not yet......the bus was cancelled last year that we were going to take over there!!!
  8. I also had an Eagle that was going out doing the same thing, tried the recalibration to no avail and finally broke down and got the hummingbird you're looking at for $200 and love it!!!
  9. Grainbelter

    River Time.

    I don't think I have the gonads to ice fish a river. Way to go!!!
  10. I was having the same problem a couple years and the guy I was fishing with, laid them on the ice, covered them with slush briefly and then let them go. Every single one after that swam down the hole. Whether they came back up after that who knows but they went swimming away anyways. Generally, if I'm fishing deep and not getting anything big, I will stop for that reason and move shallower and hope I can run into something there.
  11. Wow, thanks a bunch snax. I was deadset on waiting for the new cd but if it's gonna be locked to 1 unit no way. Guess it's a chip then. Thanks again.
  12. I just purchased a nuvi 205w ($99 on sale!!) and now have to decide whether to get the chip or the cd which I believe you can download to the unit but also have on the computer. Any suggestions?
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