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  1. TurnUpTheFishing

    How was opener

    You weigh them on a handheld scale... It's catch and release season. You can weigh and take photos of the fish you just cant keep them. I fished Mille Lacs on Sunday morning on the east side to try and hide from some of that wind. We got into some good walleyes dragging a football head jigs. Only caught one smallie on a jerkbait and had one other bass swipe at it near the boat. We fished the west side in the evening and did worse. Only a few walleye and pike. All the spots we normally get them seemed dead. What depth did you guys find them in? Im assuming rocks 5-10 fow?
  2. Doesnt appear to be a fish to me. The shadow is quite tall. Also, if it was a fish it would be a pretty big based on what your scanning range.
  3. I think you guys are confused on how side imaging works, it has absolutely nothing to do with sunlight or water clarity. SI will work at night. The basics: see the white line down the center of the screen? That's the boat's path. the black region on either side of it is the water column under the boat. There is a SI beam scanning to the right and another scanning to the left. This is why the crib on the right half of the screen has a shadow being projected on the right side of the object. There is also a beam scanning out towards the left side of the boat and anything on that side protruding up from the bottom of the lake would have a shadow cast behind it, aka to the left of it. With that in mind, you're interpreting shadows when you use side imaging. Bright spot then shadow means the object is protruding up from the bottom. In reverse darkness then bright spot means a hole. Other important things are harder objects tend to send back stronger returns so hard bottom will look brighter than soft bottoms which can be seen in one of the "drop off" images above.
  4. I say they are dimples (holes) in the bottom. The dark comes before the bright return. If they were rocks the bright return comes first then the shadow is behind it. Ive seen these many times, often times in the shallow spawning areas but sometimes see them out in deep water too.
  5. Still not enough. Keep us informed when stuff is 50% off.
  6. Id go 80 lb or more for that boat. If you can afford the 36v you go with the 36 volt. What is the dealer's logic for going with less thrust or run time?
  7. Ive used smaller versions of road runners for crappies and walleye on rivers with success but never tried them for bass.
  8. Ive always left the line on and no one has every said anything. If someone was really skeptical and wanted the line stripped to inspect it I guess Id be ok with it.
  9. A MH should be plenty good for the majority of fishing around docks, weedlines, or weed patches and baits up to 1/2 oz. Heck I threw 3/4 oz jigs on a MH for half a season until I got myself a Heavy power rod but that MH performed fine under most conditions. I got a heavy power for fishing heavy jigs and rigs in thick or matted milfoil. A 7' MH fast action rod is the most versatile bass rod you can have. With that said a MH by different manufacturers are not equal. I have mostly St. Croix rods which run stiffer. I also tried some Shimanos which ran softer, pay attention to this. You mentioned flipping but do you actually intend to flip? If you will be mainly casting or pitching dont get tricked into getting a flipping rod. That would be overkill and probably less comfortable to fish with all day.
  10. I read that on the Bass page the other day too and immediately thought that it was bogus. It's one thing if Swindle was done at a spot and let Ott in on it but it's another thing for him to coach him on where to go and what to do. If you make it to the final day and are leading you should be able to scrape together the win on your own. I know Swindle only was trying to be helpful but seemed a bit excessive. I too thought that they were not allowed to get information from others on the water (or at all?). What is the rule on this?
  11. You seem a little riled up for no apparent reason. Bad math too. 15/5 does not equal 2.5. Tournaments are held on lakes that can accommodate anglers, this means both launch size and acreage. Also, Its nice to fish a variety of lakes with different structure, water clarity, and fish size structure to keep things interesting.
  12. Not really, I think the population is pretty constant. I have a few deep spots that I catch more smallies off than others but its still mostly largemouth coming off these spots. Also, maybe others have found consistent smallmouth locations but I havnt. They seem to be harder to nail down. You may prefish and catch some nice smallies then a few days later on your tourney not catch a single one.
  13. Fished the west side of Mille Lacs for about 3 hours on sunday before getting fed up with the wind. Didnt catch anything and didnt see anyone in other boats getting anything either. We changed tactics to fish smaller lakes in the area for largemouth and got into them really well. The lakes we fished had water temps in the 55-58 degree range and the fish were aggressive and feeding well. Swim jigs were tallying lots of fish in the shallows and if you crawled a jig in deeper water adjacent to these areas you wouldnt get as many bites but they would be bigger fish waiting to move up.
  14. My dad lives by Garrison so Ive seen it happen multiple times on the water. Not to mention the stringer photos they post online showing off the catches. Its sickening. I thought stringers of trophy fish went out of style in the 80s.
  15. Wait Launches can still use live bait? I was happy to hear that rule thinking I wouldnt have to watch Twin Pines launches pull up, toss out bobbers and keep every smallie they pulled up. If they are going to impose no livebait rules it should apply to everyone.
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