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  1. Nice Dark!! My son and I found close to 16 lbs this weekend!! Havent found em like that in over 20 yrs.
  2. Anybody have any input in these new open water rods? Not sure if I like the smaller eyes all the way up to the tip. Other than that they seem like a sweet rod for the price!!
  3. Just installed a new 1198c si on the boat, Hope I like it since I have always been a Lowrance guy. I have just heard so many good things about Humminbird. I had a bad experience with Customer service from lowrance thank god I only needed it twice. What do you guys all think about The humminbirds? lets not start a pi$$ing match here guys!! Thanks!!
  4. Better yet a 21" LM bass, yummy!!!LOL 50" muskies are only good if slowly smoked using apple wood, under that they r delicious fried or grilled!!!
  5. goblueM, Why did you switch from Rages if u dont mind me asking?
  6. I was told that you dont use fix blade BH with 2" blazer vanes by someone at a pro shop. My understanding was they were designed for Fixed blade broadheads. Anybody have any input on this? This pro shop also screwed up the cable on my new bow and denied it. They wrecked it right in front of me as I was watching them.
  7. Rainman

    R and R Marine

    I bought 1 boat from them, NEVER again. I'll leave it at that!!!!
  8. I still shoot my good ole Mathews Z-max from the first year it was made. Cant remember exactly, must be 15 yrs old or older I believe!
  9. WOW SKEE i guess you told them!!! Game Fair wont be the same without you this year!! Who cares if Foiles Migrators is at the GF. You dont have to go to his booth or buy his products. I think they should let him have a booth at gamefair and then nobody go to it. That would be funnier the H E double L!!
  10. Choices in order 1. Jiffy 2. Jiffy 3. Jiffy I used a guys new Strikemaster last year. Yea it cut pretty fast but it just didn't cut like my jiffy does. It just felt and sounded cheaply built. I still got my jiffy from 1993 and that thing is an animal. Always starts after 2-3 pulls when I take it out of storage and I NEVER drain the gas or use stabil. I just put a new plug in it a year ago for the first time just for good measure. I did notice that the flywheel was cracked back in about 1995 but I never changed it, no need to, it just keeps going strong. I will always be a jiffy customer. We have 7 jiffys between my brothers and nephews and they all run great! Nuff said!!
  11. I always carry small o-rings with me. You can slide them right on the trip shaft up to the notch, also helps in very windy conditions to prevent false flags. I use this formula. 10' = 2' off bottom, 15' = 3' off the bottom 20' = 4' off the bottom. Just my 2 cents. hope it helps Rainman
  12. Why can't slug hunters read the regs and stay out of an archery only area? C'mon people know the regs. I hope they all get busted. Sorry but i just had to vent. Happened last year as well. I called the dnr this time and they said they will be watching!!!
  13. Rainman

    Bait tanks! FREE

    Tanks are gone. That was fast!!
  14. Rainman

    Bait tanks! FREE

    I have got 2 tanks if anybody wants them. Tanks are 30 x 40 x 17.5" deep made of 3/4" plastic with a 3/4" ball valve for a drain. They cost 400.00 Each to have made. Both come with stands. one even has wheels. I have used both for bait/bullhead tanks this last year and they worked great. Just in my way right now! Let me know if interested. 612-590-4163 Randy
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