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  1. Then don't buy a license if you could have went without a deer season this year. Why is that so hard for YOU to understand? Obviously nothing has changed here at Silly Town II in recent times. The same hypocritical bunch of nonsense, by the usual clowns trying to impose their view on others.
  2. rockman

    Deer regs 2015 gun season

    Yep, looks like all the whiners and thumb suckers, who want/have to have a dozen deer right in the front of the door of their hunting cabin, trailer, farmhouse, etc. on opener morning, will get their way this fall via the DNR. Again, DNR really means do nothing right. Just another reason to leave this state after retirement. All this based on a hunter survey. What a bunch of horse manure. Retirement can't get here quick enough to leave this state full of crybabies, and losers.
  3. Not interested. Nothing more than marketing hype to sell another 'wonder' defense round. For those that may remember from years ago, how about what happened with the Black Talon ammo? This RIP ammo will fade off into the sunset, after much money is spent by those that just have to try it out. I'll stick with Ranger's, HST's, Golden Sabers, Starfire's, or a couple of other offerings from Corbon, thank you much. Better yet, the ol' 12 gauge with the correct load will do just fine.
  4. rockman

    Extended Minnesota Season

    The lake is just to the west of Albertville, and St. Michael, in Wright County, for those that aren't familiar with the area.
  5. You, and me both, NEANGLER. I've been a type 1 for 45 years. I've seen it all, and pretty much done it all. I quit using all the sugar substitutes, and went back to using plain sugar. I do count carbs, and monitor how much sugar is used in cooking, and eating. Aspartame/Nutrasweet is one to really stay away from, not only for the reasons already posted, but also there are side effects regarding memory issues, and headaches, in some people who regularly consume certain levels of aspartame. I used to work for a pharmaceutical manufacturer making vitamins, and lets just say that unprocessed aspartame is an 'interesting' kind of powder to use. Use what you want to for a pickling recipe, but if it was me, I'd use straight sugar, and just moderate consumption.
  6. rockman

    Egg Boiling People

    Great thread, and info., on using the tack. After a couple of adjustments on my part, this method of boiling eggs worked like a charm. Easy peeling shell(s). Thanks, eyeguy.
  7. rockman

    A little crowded

    This. The last time I was at this event, the high temp. that day was -13 F. Never again.
  8. rockman


    Funny you posted that Canopy, considering the area of MN where you are at, and having seen the same things I have in the Red River Valley, for years. Did I mention the Red River Valley in my previous reply? Yep, I did. But as per the usual here in the deer hunting forum, some have their minds made up based on emotional agenda(s), and then post an opinion on that. Maybe, just maybe, the ever increasing coyote population might be contributing to predation on fawns in NW MN, as well. But the flavor of the moment here is the timber wolf. Same song, nth verse. Carry on.
  9. Salt and sweet is just alright. It's salt and vinegar together that does it for me. Fresh cucumbers sliced up, soaked in a vinegar water mixture, with a sprinkle of salt on the slices. Mmmm. Salt and vinegar potato chips will work for that craving as well. I gotta admit I do like the Salted Nut Rolls for the salt and sweet craving.
  10. rockman


    The finding(s) for the NW Moose herd was/were primarily a tick borne disease as the main cause of the decrease there. I am talking about the area of NW MN in the Red River Valley region, and the Thief River Falls area. I am not doubting that wolves were/are contributing somewhat to a decrease in moose around the Red Lake area, but that area is different than the Red River Valley in terrain, vegetation, etc. If wolves are the main cause, then why is there still a sizeable, albeit small, herd of Elk in the Grygla area, and up in Kittson County? Yea, it's a different game animal than a moose, but the moose are all but gone in the Valley, so why not the Elk? Simply-tick borne disease hitting the moose population, and not the elk, with the wolves being a secondary cause. Wolves may very well be the main cause of decrease in N Central, and NE MN, but the wolf numbers are higher in those areas than the NW. I do agree with the reply/post about depradation by black bears on young moose, and even deer.
  11. rockman

    Where is everyone

    They're not. Eskimo is owned by Ardisdam.
  12. rockman

    Potential Mille Lacs Regulations

    Outdoor News didn't appear to show anything of the sort, as far as anyone's commentary, in the articles I read on their HSOforum. It also appears there is no new posts, or threads, in the Muskie forum here, regarding your views. Just sayin'. I'm sure everyone here is for water quality, and for resource management, but those issues might be best left for Silly Town. And yes, spearing should be allowed on all lakes, for species of fish that are legal to do so.
  13. rockman

    Potential Mille Lacs Regulations

    Hey, Yooperguy, let me give you a tip- maybe you should have posted this over in the Walleye forum. You sure get wound up about MN fishing issues, for someone who has a Michigan location. Sounds good to me if the MN DNR opens up more options to spear additional lakes.
  14. rockman

    Where is everyone

    The next photo could be a drone dropping off a delivery of cold beverages, to go with your lunch.
  15. rockman

    Decoys and jiggin tecniques

    One member of my family works at Wally World, and told me this is a seasonal item, not in stock right now. Closer to the time when lawn and garden really gets going, they should become available again.