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Burntside Lake fog panoramics

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Hey all:

I was en route to some fishing Sunday morning driving across Burntside Lake with all the cool fog surrounding us, and though fishing was my mission for the day, I had to stop a few times and get some pictures, as you'd understand. grin.gifgrin.gif

These are multiple images stitched together simply using the PhotoStitch software provided by Canon with the camera, and were carefully shot handheld with the 30D and 100-400 on manual settings.

When shooting stitched panos like this, it's far, far better to use a level tripod and to carefully pan from one direction to the other, overlapping each image just a bit to make sure you've captured it all. Manual settings must be used (check you histogram to get exposure right first with test shots) because exposure values will force changes to aperture and/or shutter speed in automatic modes, and then the images won't match in exposure as you try to stitch them. I've stitched together as many as 7 images into a single pano so far with good success.

Wish I had a client's wall with 12 feet of horizontal space begging for a pano! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

These are quite a bit bigger than what I usually post because they are panoramics, and most will have to scroll from side to side to see the whole images.



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Thanks, Ken. I'd like to take credit for the stitching, but it's really pretty automated if the captures are evenly exposed.

I also forgot to mention the technique works poorly in changing light. Regardless of settings, if the quality or intensity of the light is waxing and waning through the process, you're not going to be satisfied with the results.

Here's one more where the light changed just a bit in one of the frames and I had to spend a few minutes in photoshop making it right.

A very different shot, anyway, because the sun was behind me for this one while the first two panos were somewhat backlit. Different effect for sure.


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Thanks again, everyone. grin.gifgrin.gif

 Originally Posted By: WCS

Those are some really nice photos. That first one is my favorite. It would sure look nice on a 12 foot horizontal space.

Well, someday, maybe. Just nice to know the stitching software exists that can allow us to do this type of thing without plopping down $8,000 on a 1DsMkIII. It's the type of thing anyone can do if they have a tripod and a camera, DSLR or point and shoot, that can be shot on manual settings. grin.gif

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Catfish, we had the same thing on big trout on saturday but it wasn't fog it was inversion. car exhaust and furnace exhaust dropped on to the lake and wouldn't move due to perfect calm. we had a cloud come right over us and then drop and you could smell exactly what it was.did you notice anything like that?

Great photo's no matter what it was.

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