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Eskimo seat mods


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Last year I bought the eskimo qf3 express and put a 2x12 pine bench in it. It was a pain in the @#! after any amount of time, so I picked up a couple cheap boat seats to set on the bench, but I never bolted them in because sometimes theres 3 people in the shack. I was browsing the forums a couple weeks ago, and I saw some seats that got my wheels turning. So I decided to rip out the bench and give it a makeover. When I looked at my sled I realized it was a bit shorter than the otter sleds that hanson and big ick had to work with. So my dad and I put our heads together and came up with an adjustable design that worked out nicely. The seats don't move forward and back, but could if a guy wanted to spend $60 on adjustable bases, the swivels were good for me and less than $10 for the pair. My leg length doesn't vary day to day anyways. They do lift out and can be placed anywhere side to side we only made two so the third wheel is still gonna have to rough it.


To start I bolted a rail front and back


I bolted the rails using 1/4 x 20 stove bolts and fender washers to keep them fromm pulling through the plastic


The seat's drop into the rails (ignore the cigarette ashes in the 1st photo)



My dad also had some mesh screen around that he thought would work well to utilize the storage space under the seats.


He was right. grin.gif Im begining to notice a trend there.



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Nice job! I bet those storage areas are going to work very nice for you. Rods are always right there along with small tackle boxes, sandwich, etc.

Being an architect, I like the detail with the lip and how the seat base sets into it. The seats are still movable side to side and removable so you could fish 1 person in the house and sit in the middle.

I'm sure you'll be thinking about other mods to make once you get out and start using it. Thats where my ideas have come from. When fishing is slow, I'll start tinkering around and thinking.

Oh yeah, I have the same gas can for my auger gas wink.gif

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Thinking of making some removeable seats for my fish trap, looks like you have a lot of good ideas, could you send me some the measurements and any pic you might have. nfeyereisen at yahoo dot com.

Thanks grin.gif

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