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  1. Throw a cat or two in it... actually a big step in the right direction is to clean it out real well before storing. candybars, peanuts, and breadcrumbs will bring em in for sure.
  2. 76k20

    Deal or No Deal

    lol with a name like limit out I have a hard time believing you dont like to take home a few for the table once in a while.
  3. 76k20

    Deal or No Deal

    no deal, selective harvest is the answer. tighter limits perhaps but taking meat out of fishing all together would impact the # of anglers and in turn the income the dnr has to work with in efforts to manage populations and resources.
  4. thats not a wheeler thats the new polaris tipup. and hes got a bite!!
  5. Kaden Robert, Born on january 11 2006 at 12:47 am. My wife and I couldn't be more proud.
  6. If propane companys didn't make 3x per lb profit on these 1 lb jokes they would be outlawed. They are a source of litter i.e. little plastic caps that never seem to find a garbage not to mention those who just leave the whole canister lay around... and that doesn't even touch safety issues with weak valves. I think someone somewhere has made a bit of money by not stopping production of these animals.
  7. I have an aquaview dt with the sr led lighting and I am not thrilled about its abilities to see after dark. It lights up the area fine but it is hard to see through the particle reflection
  8. Looks like 8" strikemaster lazers are $299 at prior lake bait on 13. a sign in the shop states lowest possible prices on vexilars as well. plus the new owner is a heck of a nice guy. huuuuuuuge improvement over the last owner imo.
  9. I have an fl8 se it works great for me. the brighter red, yellow, and green display is nice on the se models whether its is the fl8se or the fl18se I have never bought an s cable and have never had any problems with it. If I am fishing in less than 8 feet of water its in weed cover and the flasher picks up weeds that blind out the bottom foot anyways. I think any unit will act the same in moderate to heavy weed cover. Thats usually when i drop a cam in an unused hole a few feet to the side of the fishing holes and watch the jigs. The zoom is kind of important to some, most of the fish I have caught are within a foot of the bottom and the bottomlock takes the guesswork out of where the zoomed range is (automatically zooms on the bottom six feet). I have not seen markems new display yet but I understand It has been updated with intro of the lx5 this year to a brighter more vivid display than the previous models.
  10. use caution as they are portable and worth a decent amount of $$. I know a few people who learned the hard way about leaving the portable unattended overnight. Be especially careful in the metro area as these lakes seem to get a bit more traffic therefore more breakins/thefts.
  11. 76k20


    I see what youre saying and definately would never heat a perm with a mr heater or any ventless heat source for that matter, you should even be careful with gas lanterns in well banked well sealed fish houses. but I think for heating a portable canvas fish house the sunflower is a good choice, I think all of the portable models now come with vents for this reason. + if you go to jig for a few minutes you can drag it outside with you without it blowing out. My dad has a big buddy and I like it I may buy one this year but even this heater is not co safe. for a perm direct vented is the only way to go.
  12. i still use the depth bombs often, although when bouncin a spoon I rely on the vex
  13. i will also add that you dont need to spend a fortune to get started. if you can find someone to get out there with a few times that has the essentials you can just bring a rod or two, and maybe a six pack and pick up some other things as you are ready. At least this way you dont end up with big $ invested in something if it turns out you dont really enjoy it all that much. just a thought
  14. I would throw an ice skimmer in the bucket too. Really stinks to start out with cold hands from pulling out ice chips. doesn't need to be fancy they have little plastic ones for a couple bucks most places. a pair warm waterproof boots and warm gloves is a must. I also agree with the importance of a windbreak, this doesnt need to be a fish house just needs to block the breeze, and I also highly recommend a sunflower type heater because they radiate heat well and I have never had mine blow out fishing outside. Even if the fish dont cooperate staying comfortable will help you enjoy the day alot more.
  15. ? have the prices gone up since I bought mine in march? wow relax man its just a couple bucks its not like the dnr splits it up among co's for steak dinners or an evening at showgirls. bieng an american i guess I am just used to giving half of my apples to my big brother anyways, they take most of em without even giving me a permit of any kind. just the price we pay for the right to enjoy the time we arent making gw any tax money
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