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  1. I am looking at buying two of these rod holders for the downrigger rods. I was wondering if they are a good choice or not. I was either looking at the Multi-Lok rod holder or the standard. I am wondering what you would pick. I am new to this and am rigging my boat up for a trip in a week here. thanks
  2. I will try the optis, the cabelas bearing swivels weren't cutting it. thanks
  3. We had the reels spooled at Cabela's, so I hope they were done correctly. We were using the fish shaped flasher. Next to the boat it appeared that the swivel was spinning fine, but who knows. I think I am going to go out and try a different brand of barrel swivels. thanks for the advise.
  4. Ok, we were out this last weekend and I noticed alot of line twisting with the line. It was so bad the line would twist coming off the reel. My question is what swivels or snaps do people use. I have been using the Cabelas deluxe coastlocks. I don't know what the issue would be. They seemed like a good bearing swivel. Any ideas. I was running spoons with dipsy's and just a plain spoon and j-plug off a rigger. Thanks
  5. cliffy I about cried I was laughing so hard at your correction about it being a machine. Been there seen that. Deadeye to answer your question about DWI and DUI, DWI is driving while intoxicated, which would be used for alcohol. DUI is driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. You know they have to be so exact with how they word things.
  6. This is way off the topic, but Rebeleye that is a funny avitar. I was reading the post and just began to laugh. My wife thought I was drunk. Thanks for the good laugh.
  7. mr. F Pike I know you don't you use that shack for fishing. Why don't you just let me use it and I will make sure it is used properly.
  8. After the season is over I clean my canvas and remove it from the sled and poles. I then place it in a large rubbermaid container. No problems with them at all. I put the tote in the sled and attach to garage ceiling. Clean and easy and always works
  9. Where is all the ice and portables. Looks nice though
  10. Yeah, I just got back to the computer today. Yep more honey to do lists, which are ok. A buddy called me on Tuesday morning and said he was on about 5 inches of ice and fishing at that time. I rolled over in bed and looked at the wife, the first thing out of her mouth is, your not going fishing. I began to laugh, because she knew instantly. She like to go fishing and I would be more than happy to take her, but she is on modified bed rest. I will be getting out around here after all the honey to do lists are done. Dtro thanks for the heads up. I found a few videos on the net that I watched that cured the bug for ohh about an hour. I think I'm going to put the kiddie pool out in the back yard, let if freeze over and fish on that for the winter. I can't wait for the little package to arrive, but all this excitement is killing me. I need to go and relax (on the ice). thanks again guys
  11. Ok to make this short and sweet. My wife is pregnant and I will not be able to make any trips up north this year, or get out in this area. I am wondering if anybody would be willing to post some good ole pictures or videos of ice fishing this year. I just need to see something. I stopped down at the docks at Baypoint and watched for a little bit, but then I got the telephone call to return home. Don't get me wrong I am excited for the new package, I just want to get out and fish to. Thanks
  12. My lab doing his favorite activity. All I know is he is thinking here I come, look out.
  13. I see says the blind man who picks up the shotgun and a box of clay pigeons. Thanks for the help. now time to go find them.
  14. How would I go about and getting the hummingbirds wings to look like there stopped. WHere you can actually see them. I tried a Faster ISO like 800. then I tried messing with the I think it was F stop. I don't remember. just looking for a couple of hints in that department. I have a lot of trouble with the birds. thanks in advance
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