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2 deer with one shot (story)


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Just a story I found in a local paper.

Deer hunter gets two for one in Mahtowa

The Pine Journal

Most deer hunters dream of bagging a nice buck over opening weekend.

Perhaps they’re a bit too modest. They should be hoping for two.

Dennis Paulson, a former Barnum resident who has a cabin near Mahtowa and comes back to the area for deer hunting, has a story that makes deer hunters envious ... and maybe a bit suspicious.

He shot two nice bucks with one bullet.

“You always hear about weird stories like this,” Paulson said. “It was a unique experience.”

Paulson’s deer, a seven-pointer and an eight-pointer, were shot from about 125 yards away.

Paulson said the events leading up to the single shot were as interesting as the actual shot.

His party hunts near a power line near County Road 4.

“Saturday was a really nice day to sit in the woods,” he said. “I’ve heard stories about big bucks moving around from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., when a lot of hunters are eating lunch. So I decided to give it a try.”

So he climbed into his tree stand and before long noticed a nice buck about 275 yards away.

He fired and thought he hit the buck, but after looking for blood finally decided he must have missed it.

But he’d have another chance.

“About a half-hour later I started to wonder if I had ejected the cartridge,” he said. “I finally checked and I had. My rifle holds four shells, so I had three shells left.”

Then Paulson noticed a doe about 125 yards away. He went to load a new shell into his bolt action and the gun jammed.

So he ejected another shell.

“Now I was down to two shells,” he said. “Then I saw a four-pointer come out. I put him in the scope but decided to let him pass.”

But there were more deer following.

Immediately after the four-pointer a nice eight-pointer came out of the woods. And right after that, a seven-pointer.

“They were like twin deer,” he said. “And they lined up broadside. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I might be able to get two-for one.”

So he put his scope right on the heart and pulled the trigger, but instead of hearing the boom of his rifle he heard just a tiny click.

“I had a bad shell,” he said. “The deer looked my way but didn’t run. The wind was blowing the right way for me, so they couldn’t smell me.”

So after quietly ejecting yet another shell, Paulson was down to just one more chance to take down both deer.

“They didn’t move,” he said. “So I fired again and they both went down.”

The bullet went through the heart of the first deer and into the neck of the second deer.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Paulson said. “I’ll remember just as much about everything leading up to the shot as much as the actual shot.”

Paulson said it’s fun to tell the story to his fellow hunters, but said he sometimes has a few people who wonder if he’s stretching the truth a bit.

“There’s a few people who sort of don’t believe it,” he said. “But I wouldn’t lie about it. It’s just one of those situations.”

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I believe that's the first time I've ever heard of someone intentionally shooting two big game animals with one shot, at least successfully.

I read about an archery hunter somewhere in MN that shot two nice bucks with one arrow, by accident a couple of years ago. That seemed like an irresponsible shot, as he could see both deer & should have known they were too close to each other.

I also remember reading in a hunting magazine many years ago about a bullet going through the neck or something of an adult elk, I'm assuming a cow. The bullet supposedly followed the spinal column to the mouth, richocheted off a tooth & hit the nearby calf. The author said it seemed far fetched, but he'd only fired once & couldn't figure out why this calf was all of sudden laying there wounded after he dropped the adult. He said there was no one else around to have shot at it, so he finished the calf off. Sounds a little fishy to me, but how do you make something like that up?

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Last year in WI a freind of mines cousin shot and killed two bucks with one arrow. He shot a nice ten point that came in a small opening, he shot it and it took off. After he took off here was this little nubbin that had been on the far side of the ten point. Arrow went through both.

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A few years back my cousin killed two does with one shot, they were standing along side eachother and the slug went clean through the first one and right into the second one, dropped them both, he later said he didn't even know the second one was there. Good thing there were enough tags left.

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