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  1. hmm, ok, I did confirm with SM and they said the bit itself isnt made to take that much torque; sounds like i would be better off trying to sell the gas auger this fall and going to an electric one
  2. Jmnhunter

    Copper bullets

    i switched to copper a few years ago, specifically to barnes vor-tx; they're not cheap! I believe the federal coppers are about 40-45% cheaper but they dont carry them here in brainerd. I have the barnes for my 270 and 30-06 and they shoot great, I would love to try dialing in at 200 though. the only downfall I've read on the monolithic bullets are the entry/exit holes, more or less like the diameter of a pencil if no bone is hit, still kills kick but the blood trails are minimal
  3. anyone use a milwaukee m18 with the strikemaster adapter on a 8" chipper unit? I just realized I had a 8" chipper unit at my parents house that hasnt been used in years. I figured I could slap a new blade on it and purchase a milwaukee drill to use mostly for the ice house
  4. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    came to $200, which if I would have known prior to digging in, I would have dropped the trailer off that night to save myself the time with a big smile; he said their shop puts a spiral groove into the pivot assembly so the grease is evenly distributed; just said to keep greasing it. they did check the other side and it was taking on grease and to just stay on top of it. Just mentioned its a poor design on those axles, not just a IC problem but the other brands have the same issues; just need to stay on top of the maintenance!!
  5. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    picking up the house tonight from a welding shop in town, guy said they get new houses that axles seize up on, sounded like they heated it up, broke it free, sand it down, grease it, add groves and it should be set. kind of scared to see how much they're going to charge me...
  6. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    Bought from private seller; my mistake should have been one thing to check; there is no wiggling it at all, it’s frozen in there tried torching it to no avail; put everything back together hoping I could grease and crank up and down but the zerk keeps coming off, and now it doesn’t lower at all; will have to bite the bar and bring it in
  7. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    Not sure how the hell you guys “just slide it off!” It took me a good hour just to take off the metal retaining ring, this darn house is only 3 years old!! But after taking the ring off the axle doesn’t budge at all, tried jacking it up with a floor jack and it just flexes the stub it rests on. Pulling feels like trying to pull a 75 year old oak tree out of its roots; I soaked it with penetrating oil before calling it quits tonight; my last resort now is itll break and I’ll get some sort of wiggle room with the axle otherwise I put everything back together, pump it with grease and jack it up and down until it gets free? Otherwise I’m going to have to bring it in and there’s another $200 i told the wife I’m ready to sell this PITA after only having 3 weeks with it; the axle design is the worst, why would they expose everything to the salt? Frustrated as you can tell...
  8. Jmnhunter

    Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    the missed call hasnt really bothered me, the wild should have retaliated after that but they seemed just lax about it. too bad they suspended him, just wish I was old enough to watch the playoff atmosphere of the 80's and early 90's. i thought by the end of the 3rd they would have tied it, I think the mix up lines helped change up the momentum, boudreau will need to pull some of this stuff tonight if they seem stale. I agree with Lung, Kiovu has not impressed me this year, his shootouts, his shots on goal just nothing special, just hope tonight they find a spark on the offense as we know those big boys on the Jets will be pushing them around tonight, too bad we dont have some more Folino's
  9. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    very good, thanks again!! i'm going to tackle this on saturday or tomorrow night! thanks again
  10. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    thanks leech!!
  11. Jmnhunter

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    took out our ice castle to the state park this past weekend, but after trying to crank down drivers side, it would only go down 1/2 way tops, i did grease the zerks, previous owner must not have, otherside went down. I've been researching alittle and guys were saying you need to pull out the pivot assembly and clean it out. I tried calling IC this morning and the guy was telling me to try to keep forcing grease in the zerks and working the winch up and down or to clean the assembly, I need to take the tire and hub off to pull it out?! What i thought I read is you jack up the side, take a bolt off and pull out the assembly-watching for your electric brake cable-- my question is which bolt? I looked underneath and I saw one nut--exposed to the elements, looked pretty rusty--close to the tire, is that the one? or is there another one on the inside of the frame where the pivot assembly is welded to the frame? thanks for the tips!
  12. Selling my 3 year old Lazer Mag, runs perfect, cuts fast-New this year- NGK spark plug, starts within 1-3 pulls from -30 to 50+degrees, have always ran synthetic-Amsoil oil. Primer bulb, Kill switch all work; buy this now before everyone else does next fall; Still have the original manual Still plenty of ice, I can meet for a demo 8" Lazer SHARP Blades $295 with FREE Shipping-depending on your member status here, otherwise located in Brainerd/Little Falls I'll get some pictures up soon sells brand new for $500
  13. Jmnhunter

    Ice Castle Mini Toy Hauler advice please

    My wife and I just bought a 8x16 a couple of weeks ago and prior to that I was researching the bad talk everyone was talking about IC, but what I found is the bad press on the frames/axles anything 2011 or older like you stated.
  14. Jmnhunter

    Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    dang, too bad I got rid of FB back in 2008
  15. Jmnhunter

    When to buy wheelhouse

    tried looking at the bearings last night, got all the way to the axle grease cap, darn thing would not come out, just couldnt get a good angle on it vs my boat's, so off to the shop it'll go, thanks again for all of the info