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  1. anyone find a lighter alternative to the ice castle tables? the thing can be a PITA to move and align
  2. slapped them on the front yesterday since i didnt have the house hooked on for rear weight; just too much snow in general, front end just kept pushing snow and eventually stopping the truck. for starters i got hung up and stuck trying to break away from the plowed road and as others have mentioned, it doesnt take long for you to dig a hole in the ice when your tire starts to spin! if the snow melts another 1" or 2" should be able to get around or if my frame sat up another 2"; overall i think it will be alot nicer to slap the chains on when the snow isnt this bad to maneuver the house alot easier off of the plowed areas. chains didnt take long at all to slap on either, <10 min, should get faster; using the simple style V bar quick grip by Peerless
  3. Just ordered some chains for my truck. 1.) getting a lot of snow lately 2.) as a new ice house owner I’ve become to realize I’ve been limited to the community spots; now I’d like to be on my own more im curious for those who tow ice castles if they chain the front or rears; researching the topic has various opinions; front to pull not push; rears if you have limited slip. Not worried about weight in the back
  4. leech, now you need to post some geo-tagged pics of those bucks you got from the paul bunyan
  5. hey Web, do you have the model name for the new style co/lp alarm just in case mine does it again
  6. tracked down some quick numbers; supposedly the heater draw at 7 amps, and that would be the main appliance to be ran at night +-1.5 hour total run time during a 8 hour sleep period; i should have plenty of power on the battery!
  7. awesome thanks guys; found out my battery has 88 amp hours; I'll look into my heater, and radio, not sure what the LED lights are, i'll try to look there too; how long do your guys usually last before in need of a genny?
  8. Jmnhunter

    Garmin Gps

    what garmin do you have? garmins lake maps here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/125128#devices
  9. as some of you know by the various topics I"ve posted on different ice house questions, you've guessed this is my first year with one, and thanks for the responses so far. another question, how long are you guys getting to run your ice castles on just a 12 volt group 27 power supply? the other night, i was getting some stuff ready, had the heater running, lights, and radio. about 15 min later, my 3year old co/propane alarm detector was throwing the low voltage alarm. I always have the battery plugged in with the built in battery maintainer ice castle provides. so i thought the charger may have been shot, tested the battery with a 12volt tester and everything was good. hooked up a different charger and that read full battery. so I turned the heat off and the radio with the 15 sec beep going and it stopped after i had just the LED lights going. I called the manufacturer of the co/lp alarm and she said the low voltage goes off at around 10volts. the battery is 2 years old. next thing i did was swapped batteries with a 1 year old battery, ran everything the same for a good 40 minutes with no low voltage alarm going, so now I"m thinking my 2 year old battery cant handle the load high enough for the alarm to go off even though the lights are bright and no sign of being weak. so long story short, how long should i be able to expect to have my lights, furnace, and radio on-granted my current battery is good to go? I'd figured it would be nice not having to run the genny at night if i can get away with just the furnace and no dam low voltage alarm waking me up at night
  10. Jmnhunter

    Garmin Gps

    not unless you can find an old lakemaster garmin compatible chip and if your garmin can indeed read it; otherwise you can get garmin's version
  11. probably a good thing i didnt buy catch cover brand covers; i found out I have the fishing hole buddy brand and they dont sell the covers; made some last night out of the lexan i bought off of amazon, pretty easy to make, used 2 thumb screws to keep them in place in the hole along with a 1" hole in the center cut with a narrow slot like RL's. they should work great! i will note, Rl's covers are alot more clean cut than mine i started off square, then rounded off the corners
  12. just ordered a 4 pack but of the fish hole buddy brand in white color, the guy at the ice show for catch cover was trying to sell me the glows but I find it hard to believe they stay glowing all night
  13. they're heavier; more expensive, and historically slower than the strikemasters; i beleive the 10" lazer is about 570 vs jiffy's $600 (scheels); also jiffy's warranty isnt as good as strikemasters; the upside to the jiffy's is more advertised holes vs SM's
  14. you using 5 gall buckets? I've thought about using those vs the $15+ for the sleeves; about that means i need to screw around with cutting
  15. i plan on making 6 of them for the size of the sheet just like you said rl to keep the little ones from dropping stuff down the holes; i dont plan on stepping on them so I'm only making a single layer with the 1/4" stuff; still a lot cheaper than buying 6 of pre-made ones
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