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  1. Jmnhunter

    Copper bullets

    on paper, the federal power shok Coppers shot great; now I hope I can test it on a deer this weekend!
  2. Jmnhunter

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    heading to the paul bunyan SF for my 22nd season, cant wait, praying for snow!
  3. Jmnhunter

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    i think i'm still going to TRY to sell my 3 year old gasser, but that seems impossible to do now days, and put that towards a 40v Strikemaster
  4. leech and others, i actually thought the same exact thing, the whole screen is used up with "history", trust me, I loved my marcum flasher and did not want to give into the 2D sonar; but after swapping it out of the boat from the summer use then using it all winter, I'm sold. Like getanet posted, you can still have the flasher screen with the helix so you dont have to use the 2d sonar view. hence my argument, smartphone (with all of the gadgets, summer, winter, etc) vs flip phones (flasher only). but I rarely use the flasher portion on my helix and opt to the 2d sonar (by the way with 2d you still get the flasher/rts window in real time) and it's history. you can adjust the size of your history and RTS window on the helix as well, and I've found to have the history useful at times as well, if you look away for instance and see a mark on the history screen, you can be fore-warned of a nearby fish, with a flasher, you get that quick flash and its gone. it took me some coaxing just like when I didnt want to switch out of my reliable dependable flip phone to a fancy smartphone, but I'm a convert now, and I still bring my Marcum with
  5. who uses flashers now days haha; I'm a helix convert now too, i was hesitant at first as the Lowrance had a LCD screen a few years ago for ice fishing but the lag was unusable, but hbird figured it out. Mapping, flasher screen if wanted, and sonar all in one, its like a smartphone; everything in one. also, I have not had any interference issues with others using the helix, especially with all of hte chirp setttings
  6. Jmnhunter

    Copper bullets

    i ended up switching from barnes to federal power shok copper, had to order online, I hope to report with great results this fall...
  7. Jmnhunter

    Hand Winch Covers

    awesome, thanks RL! i know the cable is SS, but the winch itself is rusting alittle bit
  8. Jmnhunter

    Hand Winch Covers

    those with ice houses, do you have some covers for your winches to keep off the mositure/salt? I see Etrailer has some that should suffice for about $10-12 each, just dont know if its worth it or not if I just keep up with lubricating?
  9. Jmnhunter

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    we have a similar size, 12x16 maybe 20? 4 bunks, all open as you can imagine with the size, no elec or water, 12 volt lighting; works perfect for the 5 of us that hunt out of it. although when my kiddos get older it'll get tighter, may have to tent it, trail is too narrow to bring a camper in; you could start off small and just build up over time!
  10. Jmnhunter

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    Nice! get any cams up there?
  11. Jmnhunter

    Opening Day

    planning on heading out saturday morning/evening and sunday evening on some local public land. Hope to see a doe or 2 atleast saturday, then head to a buck stand sunday. nofish, I know what you mean, the first couple years after college, it was tough for me to get motivation to go out since most of my buddies live further away and or quit bowhunting in general. Still not the same when I go by myself, just have to wait for my son to get another year or 2 older so he can keep up with the scouting work
  12. Jmnhunter

    What's Your Go To Broadhead?

    i go back and forth between the rage and the muzzy's but the last few years I have been using Muzzy's, not trusting my Rage heads, the o-ring isnt holding the blades in consistently, but they make a great hole
  13. Jmnhunter

    Cooking Bear Meat

    dont want to get the trick; agree, bear meat is great, like everything else, it just needs to be handled well during the processing; those with bad experiences may have tried meat from someone who was dilly-dallying with the processing when it was 70+ degrees out
  14. Jmnhunter

    Cooking Bear Meat

    dang, thats scary, especially when it happens to a little one; they ever figure out where it came from?