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  1. Yea, we had this league last year....going on our 4 year this year now. Granny
  2. Pretty much any lakes over 300 acres that have bass. Minnewawa, Chub, Big, St. Louis River, Island North, Island South, Sturgeon, Sand, Cedar (Aitkin), Ely, and Caribou. Might have missed a couple but that's the general list we pick from. Also doing a two day event up on Pelican this year. Saturday prefish and sunday event. Kind of family camping/hotel weekend. Matt...I'll put ya down as a sub if ya want. Shoot me an email with your info and I'll put you on the sub list.
  3. Getting things set up for the 2008 Duluth Bass League. We have a few spots open if anyone is interested. We fish the Duluth area, out to McGregor/Aitkin, down to Moose Lake, and up to Eveleth. It is a just for fun league with no payout.....10 teams max. Fish are measured according to length and immediately released (longest 5 fish count towards total). Points are awarded for each event and at the end of the year we crown the Duluth Bass League Champs. Entry fee is $40 per team which goes towards end of the year party and trophies. We fish from 6-noon on Sunday mornings about every 2-3 weeks (9 events total) We have a fun crew and we all enjoy sharing info on what worked and what didn't. If anyone is interested let me know and I can email you some additional info. You can also email me at bassman96 at hotmail dot com. Granny
  4. Wormburner and I are currently setting things up for the 2007 Duluth Bass League. We started the league up 3 years ago and we have had a blast with it ever since. We fish lakes in the Duluth, Moose Lake, Carlton, Cloquet, and McGregor areas. We fish on Sunday mornings from around 6:00am till noon. The events are held about every 2-3 weeks and we fish a total of 8-9 events. The league is based on fun with no money pay out. There will be a small entry fee this year ($20?) to go towards end of the year trophies and BBQ. The is an optional big fish pot each event also. We started this league up to make all of us area bass fisherman better at what we do. The league forces you to fish water and conditions you may not normally fish. We have a very fun group of guys and I hope we can have another fun year on the water. We currently have 3 or 4 spots open for teams. If anyone is interested or would like more info let me know and I can send you some info. Thanks, Granny
  5. Granny

    Suffix line

    I have Power Pro on all my rods but I gave the yellow suffix 20lb braid a try this year. In one week I had two bass that were around 14" break my line on the hook set. Both jumped after it broke so I know I didn't get bit off by a pike. Fading was another issue. Due to the tighter weave in the line I thought it felt a lot more stiff and kind of like plastic. I gave it an honest try but in order for me to switch from Power Pro it had to out perform PP and it didn't do that for me. I may have just gotten a bad batch of line but I expected more out of the Suffix. Granny
  6. You can do either...just depends on how mobile/stable you want your stand to be. You can see in the pics above the posts are not set in the ground but it is anchored down. Granny
  7. Nice looking stand and cool paint job! Weight is a big factor in makeing a stand. I think Jay said his 4x4 stand is 150lbs. That is without the 4x4 legs. He figured the 5x5 stand is around 175lbs. Like posted above the treated plywood is probably the most heavy component. Jays stands have a treated floor but the frame is aluminum and then they are spray foamed to form the walls. These things will last for many many years! Here are a couple pics of the stand my buddy bought.
  8. Just do a google search for Jay Soderbloom and you will find him. The stand in his pictures is the one my buddy just bought. Granny
  9. I stopped by Jay Soderbloom's place the other day and he has come out with some awesome enclosed deer stands! The "Big Buck" deer stands have rubber roofs, aluminum frames, treated floors, and they have spray foam insulation for extra warmth. Check them out if you get a chance! Granny
  10. A great way to go is to have the underside of the floor spray foamed. A buddy of mine is having his done by Jay Soderbloom in Cromwell. The spray foam not only insulates but also water proofs the floor. It adds very very little weight. Granny
  11. Braided line all the way. 50lb Power Pro and a heavy action rod! Crank your drag as tight as you can. Set the hook and get the fish up on top of the water if possible. Granny
  12. 100% yes they are affected by the mayflies! Last weekend in the BWCA my wife and I caught the end of the mayfly hatch and the fishing was beyond great. The smallies were swimming along the top of the water gulping up mayflies. At any given time there were easily 50 smallies surfacing and some were right next to the canoe. In two days we caught several fish including 2-18", 1-19", 1-20", 1-21.5" & 1-21.75". My wife caught the 3 biggest fish too! Match the hatch! Granny
  13. OnTheWater, Nice to meet ya the other day. Minne was great. I will send ya some more info on that. Griggs, How heavy was your jig? You don't have to let the jig sit. If you feel it settling in the weeds, give it quick pop and get it up on top of the weeds again. Maybe try a lighter jig. Try tossing that jig on that weed edge in 15'. Granny
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