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Ice rod length


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I'm trying to remember my rod lengths

I think I have the longer Genz rods in light, Medium Light, and Medium.

I think I have 2 28" TB rods and a Professional TB in a longer size- not sure how long for Lake Trout!

Said earlier, depends on what you are fishin' for. Also another factor is if you are going to be fishing in side vs. outside. You don't want your rod to be hittin' the front of your fish house. FOOD FOR THOUGH.

Can't go wrong with the 26" Genz rods.

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I personaly very seldom use rods shorter than 28" and prefer ones in the 30 plus area. More rod to fight the fish and Im not on top of the hole. As stated if you have a smaller house you will have to use shorter rods. Bigger fish/longer rods.

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Some advice I would give Lost is to use a shorter rod for sight fishing or times when you need precise lure control. The longer rods work well for times when you need a better long hookset. I personally like the 28 inch rods for all around use but like the 26's for close control. Longer rods also play fish out a little better. Hope this helps you Lost.

Corey Bechtold

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