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  1. I've been noticing a few patterns starting to shape up my last few outings. First is the water temps have been slowly falling and the water is starting to clear up. With weeds being a key factor searching for good weeds has proven to be a key in recent success. I have been finding both Bluegills and Crappies roaming the edges of these weedbeds and feeding. I have been throwing mainly Berkley Gulp! Alive! 1" minnows on a 1/32oz jighead. At times fishing under a float has produced better. I run with the Thill center sliders just like I do in Spring. Today I had a slamfest fan casting Berkley 2" Ripple Shads and retrieving them quickly over scattered weed flats. Some of the bites were ferocious! Fall is a special time of year. Less recreational traffic and less boats all around. One quick note to anyone that has a smart phone and uses the Navionics App. You seriously owe it to yourself to take a look at the Sonarphone from Vexilar! I have done some mapping on some of he lakes I fish and the results are awesome!!! A lot of lakes aren't very detailed and this tool really helps find those "spot on the spots". Hope everyone is finding some fish and having fun. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  2. Holy cow. Not fishing in 3 weeks is not good! I felt like I had to relearn how to fish. There have been a lot of changes since the last time I was out. Water temps were down almost 10 degrees and weeds were much different as well. The first lake I fished only yielded Bluegills hugging the bottom in 8-10'. I wanted to target Crappies so moved to a different lake. There the water was clear and there was a drastic thermocline at 22'. It didn't matter where we were on the lake the Bluegills would not leave us alone! We caught very few Crappies and most of them were smaller. Fan casting Gulp! 1" Minnows worked but with all the pecking from Bluegills it was a better bet to use Powerbaits as they are more durable. The next day I went back to search harder. I reversed the lake order and had similar results. One thing was much different on the second lake though. The bigger Bluegills had moved and were very fussy. I noticed the water got much dirtier overnight and there was a lot of floating shells in the water. I guessed that the Bluegills were rummaging along the bottom and my guess was right. We switched up a bit and used smaller jigs tipped with Gulp! Minnow heads. The key was to have most of the hook covers and really focus on keeping the bait close to the bottom. We did pretty well in 10-12' and ended up keeping just enough 8" Gills for a meal. I hope to get out this weekend and see what this warmer weather will do to the Crappies. Hope everyone is doing well and finding some fish! Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  3. Unfortunately the wind has kept me off the water lately. This needs to change ASAP! I'm going berserk!!! Hope everyone else is getting out at least. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  4. Sorry it's been a while since I posted last.our family has been busy with camping, outdoor camps, family reunion, birthday parties, etc... I plan on fishing on Friday but am nervous because the cooler weather and rainfall may have the fish scattered. I hope to find something so I'll let you know how it goes. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  5. Fishing is so interesting! There are so many different ways to catch them and threads like this really open my eyes. Of course I have my favorites but there are so many times when changing things up can put more fish in the boat. This year is constantly changing. One week is Gulp! And the next is all tube baits. Lately the tubes have been best. I have also experimented with some other creature baits like Nymphs and had some success. The keys are still hanging around weeds. Slow falling baits have been best as it gives me a better opportunity to detect the bites. One absolute must for me has been hi-vis lines. My favorite is Berkley Sensation 4lb Solar. This line absolutely rocks! I have tried a few other options but still come back to the Sensation. One thing I want to touch on is the where, when and why of Mono vs. Superlines. A lot of people like the "feel" of Fireline but there are bites when you'll do much better with Monofiliment. Superlines have a smaller diameter and cut the water easier than Mono. Mono can help slow the fall rate of your baits allowing you to see the "bounce" or hesitations as it drops through the water column. I also prefer some stretch in the line as it is more forgiving. If you want to use Superlines than maybe using a longer rod with a softer tip will help keep fish hooked up. Hope everyone is enjoying the heat and finding some fish! Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  6. This past weekend was an interesting one for me. A lot of the usual weedy areas had disappeared and so did the fish. They seemed to gravitate to the docks that offered the most shade/cover along with some deep water nearby. Once I found the good areas it was game on!!! It amazes me how many fish will pack in these high percentage spots! Baits didn't really seem to matter as long as they wee brighter colored. I used some of the new Johnson tubes along with the Gulp! Stuff. The tubes worked a bit better as I was able to catch more fish per bait with them. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  7. Very nicely done Matty B!!! My recent activity for Crappies has been fishing shallow weedlines adjacent to docks and lifts. No big surprise there but we don't have a lot of deep cabbage down here. Every time I get up north I have to re learn how to target fish in the weeds. That wish might come true later this summer when we bring my daughter back up to College. This weekend is shaping up to be a good one and I hope to have a good report soon! Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  8. It's been a while since I've been active in fishing forums. Social media had taken over but I feel that there is more opportunity to help people and share valuable information. Hopefully I will be able to do that. That being said it's time to get down to business! I went out fishing yesterday with Brooke and Cole in search of anything that would bite. I was hoping for Crappies and to be honest we had to work at it. The first lake we hit was a bust. Bluegills were crazy everywhere we looked and they would constantly attack our baits. We decided to move lakes rather than wait 5 hours for the evening bite to hopefully take place. We hit the water on Lake #2 and noticed that there was a lack of good weeds so we searched for anything we could find. Surprisingly we found the fish in 2-4' of water in and around any weeds we could find. We started popping Crappies pretty well on Gulp! Alive! 1" Minnows and the Berkley Atomic Pulse tubes (which are being discontinued ). At times we had 3 fish on at once! We used floats with some success as well. It seems a bit strange for me to use them this time of year but it got us a few more bites. Hopefully everyone is having a good start to the Summer and finding some fish as well. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  9. Recently I have been finding Crappies following bottom transitions in 15-18' of water. Strange thing is most fish over the soft bottom tend to be Perch and if I get on the hardest bottom the fish are there. Try definitely like that medium firm bottom! Key baits still have been Tungsten Drop Jigs tipped with a brighter plasti tail like the Gander Hardwater series 1" minnow or Maki Jamei. Anyone else having luck lately? Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  10. Last Thursday I met up with some buddies to hit the ice. Hit a lake that has been kicking my butt lately. Started earlier than I've been fishing it the previous 2 times. Guess the third time was a charm as the fish were very active in the morning. Found the active fish to be roaming the edges of a small rock hump in 17-19' of water. Fished with Drop Jigs in White and used a Gander Mt. chartreuse 1" Minnow. Those baits have been good for me lately as they are hardy and stay on the hook very well. My buddy was using more natural colors but not getting as many bites so he switched up to the same colors and we had a field day! One thing that has been very consistent has been keeping the baits perfectly horizontal. It's crazy that even missing on a hook set can make the jig come off horizontal. The bite tailed off around noon so we had some lunch and went back out to search some new spots later in the day. Ended up looking in an inside turn adjacent to deeper water. Most holes were loaded with tiny Perch and Crappies. I followed the break towards the outside tip and found the bottom content to change and the bigger Crappies were definitely using that area. The bite slowed down just as the sun started going down. This made me question the fish and made me wonder if they would be more active at different times of the day... More of the report to come! Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  11. Here's the "low down" on my weekend fishing. Friday was kind of a mission. Had some family from out of town (Florida and California) and they wanted to have their son see what Ice fishing was like. I took them out to some areas I've done well at and unfortunately the fish were scattered and fussy. Moved to a different area and managed some Crappies but the fish weren't real active. They decided to head in and get some food but I stayed out with 2 of my kids. They hadn't even reached the shoreline when we had a good group of Crappies come in. We caught 3 bigger Crappies before they even got in their car! Not sure if it was a timing thing or what but we had a good hour of activity before the fish simply quit right at prime time. Key depths were 17-19' and the fish were right to the bottom. Drop Jigs with Gander 1" Minnows and Maki plastic Mino's worked best in bright colors. Saturday was a search mission. Try and find some bigger fish. This was tough as we ran into a cold front. Didn't find anything shallow so went to a new lake to try our luck. Found fish scattered in several areas but they were very finicky! They were hugging the bottom in 21-26' of water. Managed to catch quite a few but size wasn't all that great. Smaller tails on Tungsten jigs worked best. I tried to stay with a bigger bait to find bigger fish but still had a hard time getting the bigger bites. Hope everyone else is finding some fish. This cold snap should stiffen up the ice which is a good thing. Let's see some reports! Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  12. Well my jump on Sunday was fairly uneventful. Went out blind and tried using the Navionics app to locate some promising areas. Focused on inside turns adjacent to deeper flats. Used the Conversion kit and am constantly impressed with that unit! Drilled about 70 holes through 10" of ice on the first battery! Unfortunately the whole side of the lake we were on had a lot of clumpy green goo which tells me the lake probably turned over and froze before it could clear up. Apparently the areas we tried had good evening potential but we didn't have time to wait for that bite to happen because we ha to get to a Christmas party. Made a bigger move to the opposite side of the lake and noticed it was a tad clearer. Probably had a NW wind as te lake froze to move some of the goo. Rummaged a bit shallower for fish but only found a few groups that were constantly on the move! It is interesting and frustrating how fast fish move! Managed a few Gills and Crappies on the shallower breaklines in 6-10' of water. The fish were fairly fussy and like I said moving way too fast to try and stay on them. We left the lake just as we started noticing more fish showing up on the deeper holes and the Vexilar was picking up baitfish and bug activity which probably meant there was a good evening bite. Oh well, I'll put in more time after the Holidays! Hope everyone is getting out on the ice and finding some fish! Be safe out there. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  13. There are a ton of companies that offer good jigs. The most important part of the system is the hook. Be sure to get the best quality you can so you don't loose fish. Nothing is more frustrating than breaking hooks! I'm getting out this weekend so I hope to have a report up by Monday! Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  14. VMC definitely has some good looking stuff. I bought a few jigs and somehow misplaced them already! Lol. It seems like the plastics world continues to grow and now there seems to be a whole lot of good options for us. A few that have done really well for me in the past are Northland Tapeworms and Mayflies. White tends to be te best color for the Tapeworm and Red Mayflies generally gets the nod. Good fishing, Corey Bechtold
  15. Spoke with some good people at the Ice Show that liked reading the WWN threads so I thought if get it going again this year! I've only been on the ice 3 times so far but fishing has been pretty good so far. Key depths have been 12-20'. Mainly Gills and Crappies. A few giant Gills and very respectable Crappies have been falling to Drop Jigs from Clam tipped with either a Red or Purple Polli or Wedgee. The consistent pattern has been to fish slow and make sure the bait is perfectly horizontal. Any slight drop results in -0- fish. I hope to try and sneak out later this week with the warmer temps. Be safe and as always... Good fishing! Corey Bechtold
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