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  1. You can pick up the Hummingbird 597 for a reasonable price now.
  2. What makes Mr. Holst's comparison any more valid than the op's findings? I have no idea if this really happens or not, but the above statement has no more teeth than the op's. Isn't James sponsored by Marcum?
  3. VEXILAR FL-18 & FL-20
  4. CSP88


    Vexilar already has the flat screen models. Both the FL-12 and FL-20.
  5. The 20" & 24" Meatsticks are a great addition to the JM line. The panfish guys are gonna love these.
  6. I also ran the Baracuda for a couple seasons. I didn't have any big issues with the auger, but after switching to the Strike Master, I don't see myself going back to the Eskimo line any time soon.
  7. +2.....They won't stay on the shelves long at that price.
  8. well said Ed. When you are dealing with a sensitive tip like the ones on the JM Meat Stick and the Thorne Bros. Noodle rod you need to take extra precautions in handling these rods.
  9. I don't see anyone intentionally tearing marcum down.....what I read is people wondering if the product they bought or possibly plan to buy will be around in the near future. It's logical and expected for all savvy shoppers to have these types of questions and concerns when it comes to a larger purchase. A company's track record does have merit when it comes to consumer confidence.
  10. What do YOU consider a good cost? I have a couple Thorne Bros. rods, along with several other brands, including the original Berkley Genz sticks and the Jason Mitchell rods. All are very nice rods, and will do what you expect them to do. It comes down to what each person feels comfortable with spending on a ice rod. To purchase a Thorne Bros. rod it will cost you roughly $100 or more for a rod/reel combo, compare that to the Jason Mitchell rods, you could have two JM combos set up for the price of one TB. You really can't go wrong with either the Jason Mitchell rods or the Thorne Bros. rods as both will catch fish.
  11. Are you both hitting your IR buttons? If so, try having only one person use the IR button to clear things up. To answer your original question....yes, a 9* transducer would help with the interference.
  12. CSP88


    Give a serious look into the Jason Mitchell line. You can get a JM rod paired with an Abu Garcia Cardinal 100U or 300U for around $50-$60. Solid combo!! Chad
  13. At that price it won't last long.....definately a good buy.
  14. Yes, it is still there. Do a google search for ffo tackle for the HSOforum address. Chad
  15. CSP88

    First Fish!

    Awesome picture......there's nothing better than spending time with them outdoors.
  16. If you intall just the front support pole this will give you the windbreak you are asking about. Chad
  17. Looks like the homework paid off......awesome. Chad-
  18. Originally Posted By: fishorgolfSome people just can not stand the fact that the $500.00 they just paid for a flasher may not be the best available for that money. Again, that is opinion based. Whose to say that his/her $500 unit is NOT the best available? In their opinion it may be the best money can buy. One guys top pick may/may not be the next guys top pick. Chad
  19. Originally Posted By: CNY-Kyle What I was getting at is that when analyzing the information to make a judgement on buying/Choosing a new unit, i wouldnt base my judgement on brand, but more so on the technology and what people are saying about the units im considering. Agreed, several factors I take into consideration are: technology, upgradability, flexability, durability, dependability and lastly, the brand name does hold value in my book. If a company has a reputation of making a great product for many years it helps with the buyer's confidence in they'll get a product that will provide them years of trouble free service.
  20. Originally Posted By: CNY-KyleI have a feeling as you see people start to replace based on age, you will see numbers change rapidly... Only time will tell...... Chad
  21. Originally Posted By: CNY-KyleIts not brand loyality its basic common sense! Must be a lot of guys that fished the NY tourney with no common sense, as I'd guess Vexilar dominated the flasher count in this tournament. What I don't understand is how if you are a mar cum user why some can't fathom that a lot of people still use and think the Vexilar is the cat's meow. It all boils down to personal preference. Just because people don't agree with your choice of flasher that makes them fools??? Chad
  22. You can pick up either the 4.5 amp or 5.0 amp battery from Interstate Battery. Chad
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