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  1. That fish looks familiar! Nice catch! I think I know just where you caught it too. Hehe.
  2. She's a beauty! Just don't have the money... besides, she's a Ford. And you know what that means when spelled backwards... Driver Returns On Foot Awesome vehicle/house otherwise!
  3. I'll volunteer my portable to be the one modified! Sounds like fun! I just can't make it at 10am.
  4. Lost

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    I didn't buy my trout stamp this year. Will hafta get it! And then you can teach me a thing or three or 103 about trout fishing since I've only caught 1 in my life.
  5. Quote: Price Reduced $500. I have to move this boat. Does this mean the price is now $500 or that you lowered the price by $500? If it's $500, I'll pick it up next week!
  6. Thanks guys! That's what I was looking for. The most I'll be running as far as lights are the red/green on the bow, and the white on the transom. Maybe some lights for inside the boat if I install some. And maybe, just MAYBE, my vexilar if I ever get the high-speed transducer.
  7. Okay, here's the situation. I need a new battery. Right now the only purpose for the battery is to start the outboard. But when I get all the lights hooked up on the boat, I'm wondering if just a starter battery would be enough or if I truly need a separate deep cycle, or if a dual-purpose battery will work. Since I'm not one to be out in a boat past dark, the lights won't be used very often, period. Thanks for your help!
  8. I've looked at them but the price is insane. What they do is mount to your outboard, just below the lower unit. That way when you're going along, you just use your steering wheel to turn the outboard while trolling along. My biggest fear is shallow water. The outboard prop is in enough danger. Having the trolling motor mounted below it is only asking for disaster!!
  9. Did the buyer leave the Vex transducer or take it? If the buyer left it, is it the high-speed ducer for the flashers?
  10. The rep I talked to at the Sports Show about the Gamakatsu hooks said they're guaranteed to stay sharp. I also have noticed that the red doesn't stay red.
  11. Check out Capra's in in Spring Lake Park on Hwy 65, just south of Hwy 10. Of course, the guy at Action's is closer to you.
  12. Thanks guys! I looked all over the outboard for the ratio and couldn't find it anywhere. After a lot of searching and talking to several people... it seems as if you are all right on the money... 50:1.
  13. Lost

    Mimic Minnow

    Love those things! I've caught more fish, and species of fish last year on the Mimic's than anything else I threw out. Heck, a few weeks ago I had a 29 inch northern hit one so hard that it was hooked in the gullet.
  14. I'm wondering what the Johnson recommended fuel mixture would be for my '79 Johnson 35hp outboard. Want to make sure I go with the manufacturers recommendations. Also, what 2-stroke outboard oil brand should I use? I've been doing some reading on this and a lot of people seem to be convinced that the Wally Mart brand is just the Quicksilver brand, relabeled.
  15. How much for a total gelcoat job on a 14ft runabout? I've got some nasty looking stuff on the bottom of my boat.
  16. I'd actually be interested in just the power tilt system. Does it have wiring to extend the controls to the console in the front of the boat?
  17. Lost


    Hey Ralph, thanks for the tip! Just got it in the mail. Now I'm gonna hafta open it up! Does that mean we're gonna start using live turtles for flathead bait also? Hope to fish with ya and Manny again some night!
  18. Would love to see this boat. How big is it? lost_in_tc at yahoo (Contact US Regarding This Word). thanks!
  19. Here's my boat: 14 footer fiberglass I'm guessing it weighs around 750 lbs. How much thrust would you recommend in a trolling motor for the thing? Just going to be fishing the smaller lakes here in MN.
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