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Bug Eyed Bass! (pic)


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I went fishing last sunday(Halloween)and caught a couple of nice bass. One went 20 1/2" and the other went 18". The 18" was some freak of nature!!! It had eyes that were bulging out of it's head! I've never seen anything like it! I have caught two fish that have had only one eye but, nothing like this fish. Any of you ever see or hear of this before???



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It actually looks like popeye, which is an actual fish disease. Go to the local PetSmart and ask them about it.

Here's something that I found online about it:


Symptom: One or both eyes protrude from the socket. Some fish also exhibit a lack of appetite.

Popeye can be caused from bacterial diseases, abscesses and tumors, eye injuries, as well as over - aerated water.If left untreated, the eye may bulge out so far that the eye can pop out of the socket, resulting in the loss of an eye.

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I believe i read in Homer Circles Bass Wisdom (great book) that the "bug eyed" bass come from or live in deeper water. There are several pictures of bass with this "bug eyed" symptom in his book. I also met a guy who has a picture of a 7 pounder out of Lake Elmo with the same "bug eyes".

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