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  1. I believe the boat will be sold.
  2. Thanks fellas. It was a fun week out there even though the fishing was very tough. Stumbled a bit the last two days, but the MN team took home first place and a boat!
  3. Lals, Goofy how that works, isn't it? Couple thoughts that may or may not answer your question... If I'm in an area where I know there are fish (offshore schools of fish), I'll go in having about 4 to 5 different baits on the deck that I have the utmost confidence in. If I can't get them to bite on those baits then I generally move on and circle back later. I'm not one to wait them out unless it's a tournament and I know that spot will be gobbled up soon as I move. I've seen too many times where you pull up to a spot where you know they live, don't get a bite, and then circle back later in the day and they are on fire. It's a situation that I've never been able to explain, except for claiming that "it's a timing deal". If your timing is right, it's great. If your timing is wrong, it's not great. Getting a little off topic, but if I ever sense a weather front moving in (happens a lot here in mid-afternoon on hot summer days), then I make it a point to get to my best areas. That's the one situation where you can almost predict that your timing is going to be 'right'.
  4. RK - I just jumped into the SI pool this year and don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. I have the SI unit at the console and DI up on the bow. I thought I would use the DI up on the bow more often, but find myself hardly ever using it. There may be some advantages to DI that I'm not taking advantage of, but I can read the 2d better at this point. I use SI every time I'm on the water. One thing I'm finding that's pretty awesome is locating grass in areas that seem to change from year to year. For example, last year there was a milfoil patch in 10-12ft that held a good school of fish. Grass beds seem to be different each year; this year there was no milfoil to be found around the waypoint I had there. I starting graphing the area with the SI, found a different milfoil bed in the same general area and walla, the fish were there. Also, on big deep flats where the grass is patchy, you can pinpoint the grass beds pretty easily which eliminates a lot of time in my opinion. The advantages seem to be endless and I still have a lot to learn. I really think it's worth the extra cost and would definitely reccomend it.
  5. st.crioxfishin

    Good Fluoro

    I've used berkley 100% in the past and have been trying invisx this year. I do like the castability of invisx. The main reason why I like fluoro for cranking is it's sensitivity compared to mono. I tried 12lb mono on a cranking rod last year and really didn't care for it, feels like a stretchy rubber band, it's more difficult to decipher what (and when) your bait is running into something and I feel like I'm able to rip the crank free of weeds easier (and better) with fluoro.
  6. I'd highly recommend bdawg23's events. Small entry, laid back, well run and good competition. Very similar to Thorne Bros mystery events - which I'd also recommend.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. The new suffix fluorocarbon and seaguar invisx has peaked my interest - might have to try them. Looks like suffix fluoro has some pretty good reviews on the internets... I was wondering if anyone had jumped into the sunline or gamma pool - looks like a few have. I know that stuff is good, but I can't bring myself to spend that much on a spool of line. As for the big game mono - I really like it for the price and quality. I use it for exactly what RK says - spinnerbaits & topwater.
  8. What brand line are you guys using for the following: Mono, Flouro, and Braid. Just curious to hear what everyone is using. I'm contemplating trying some new stuff this year just to experiment. Here's what I've been using the last few years... Mono - Trilene Big Game Flouro - Trilene 100% Braid - Power Pro Let's hear it!
  9. bassfshin24 - check to see what kind of warranty you might have on the charger that went bad. I've had two chargers go bad on me and both times the company sent me a brand new one at no cost besides shipping the old one back to them. Both chargers were past their warranty period, but the company still sent me new ones...
  10. I fished it two years ago in March and we ran into a nasty cold front for the two days we stopped to fish there. The first day we fished was during a snow/sleet storm – my buddy and I froze our rumps off but we caught quite a few fish on jerkbaits over brush/trees in 5-15 fow in small main lake coves. The second day was your typical post front conditions, sunny and high skies. We caught a few more that day on jerkbaits, but it was nothing like the day before. It’s a neat area down there.
  11. Cecil - I'll let you know, I think I'm going to stick with birds but may get them through a different route. TUTF - I looked at boats for about the past year before I made a decision. Did quite a bit of research and looking for a deal before pulling the trigger. I drove to Chicago to pick it up, it was stored down near lake of the ozarks, owner just lived near Chicago. RK - it is a tour edition. You're right, it actually is a pretty decent trolling motor. I do like the minn kota's much better in grass though so I think I'll swap out the MG.
  12. Thanks guys it should be a fun one. Cecil, the MG will have to go! I'll be adding one or two new graphs. Has two 788 birds on it now.
  13. Hi all, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a new to me basscat a few weeks ago and figured I would share a pic. It's a 2010 Pantera II. Thanks to a few people on this specific HSO board that helped me through my decision making process, it was tremendously helpful. Unfortunately it's about time to put her to sleep for a months - can't wait for next year!
  14. I managed to miss a nice 8 point this morning. Shot it for what I thought was 25 - ended up it was 32... Came in chasing a doe with two other small bucks. Went out for evening stand and planned on hanging a new set close to where I saw the buck go that I missed this morning. Turns out I could not even get to that area - on my way in I spotted a set of antlers just over the tops of some tall grass. Very well could have been the one I missed this morning and it looked like it was locked on a doe. Would have made a cool photo! Saw a few doe in another area, but didn't make up for the lost opportunity this morning. Thankful to have had the opportunity, just didn't turn out as planned. Overall, a fun day in the tree.
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