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  1. Fishing Lakers at Lake Granby, Granby, CO. Rocky Mountain National Park in the background.
  2. Never had a problem in Tonka. We have always been in and around Greys and haven't run into any problems. One year we did get the park police after us for bowfishing on Harriet. Once they understood what we were doing they said we could continue as long as we let them know when we were going out. Seems like sort of a gray area that cities need to start defining as the sport becomes more popular.
  3. Funny thing is, I have seen that picture in action. Right up a sewer pipe in the middle of the metro. Early spring, running right up through the flowing water.
  4. Wondering if anyone could tell me about fishing in central Maine. I'm moving out there, and would like to continue fishing. I'll have a fly rod and all my other gear, however I will be on foot/ fishing from shore. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Its called bowfishing, and its a ton of fun. Just look through the past posts on this forum and I'm sure you will pick up all the info you need to get started.
  6. I have 20# power-pro on one spool for milfoil chocked areas, 8# fireline crystal on another, and 10# mono on the others. Do any of you think visibility is an issue for the heavier braids? As in, do you typically use a flouro leader? I started using the 20# pp this year, (have only used it once, fishing for snook in Florida), but it seemed awfully visible. Wondering if its darker color may affect number of hits?
  7. awesome pictures. I was there racing as well and really appreciate all the photographers who take such good pictures of the races.
  8. Anyone bowfish in the winter for carp? If so where are some general spots? With this warmer weather there should be a lot of open water to find some carp to stick an arrow in.
  9. T-rigs = Wacky Rig? Or something different? I know i was having a little success with the wacky rig over deep weed beds over independence day extended weekend.
  10. yellow jig head and a piece of corn on the bottom always works for me, plus you sometimes get the added fun of catching a carp.
  11. You should be fine on Nokomis, might want to call the park police ahead of time though. People sometimes misunderstand what you are doing and believe you are shooting ducks. This causes all sorts of bad things. Other than that, knock'em dead.
  12. Personnaly I believe Harriet is the better of the three for muskies. I don't actively chase the toothy critters, but I most often run into them on Harriet and often they are very large. I believe Harriet was once stocked with 'skis as well, not sure if they still do it.
  13. Metroguy99

    Scale Question

    Yeah its a Berkley Digital. I've done the under gill before, although thats always seems inaccuarte and somewhat harmful. Oh and I was using a YUM dinger rigged wacky for that fish, but they were hitting just about anything. I believe I had found a school of about 8 fish because the first fish had a school following it.
  14. Metroguy99

    Scale Question

    Good day shorefishing today on a metro lake. Got to the spot, 1st cast got me a hefty 18 incher. Within an hour I had 6 fish over 17 inches. The only problem was that I was confused on how to use the digital scale. I dont want to hurt the fish, but dont see where to hook the fish with the scale. Oh and heres the pic of the biggest of the day, 19 or so (the pic doesnt do it justice).
  15. Any lake with a good population of carp will make for an excellent day. Looking for jumping and finning carp near shore especially now while they are spawning. Thick weeds, such as thick mats of milfoil tend to attract carp aswell. Look across the tops of the weeds and you will see a bunch of sunbathing, easy targets.
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