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Covering your "business"


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While in the woods at one time or another we all have to go potty, but how do you all deal with it? Myself I carry a small roll of TP in my bag and dig a hole or [PoorWordUsage] under a rock. That way the scent doesn't make it to far. I also am sure to cover the "droppings" with pleanty of a cover scent (usually fox or coon urine). I also use the coon or fox urine after I go pee, it seems to cover it up pretty well. I know some people carry pop bottles and such, what do you guys do??

I'm wild, how bout you?


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One time many years ago in northern MN by Ash Lake I was hunting deer. Now in those days deer were scarce up there. They even had a closed season because there were no deer in 1971. I was walking up the road to go into the woods a half mile or so from our trailer. I got a terrible urge that had to be taken care of so I went off the road a few yards and took care of it. I always carry toilet paper for emergencys. I went back out on the road and walked up another 200 yards and went down into the woods about 3-400 yards or so. In those days I wore a sling I made up out of half inch nylon rope and I could climb way up the pine trees (about 40 feet or so), hook the sling up around the tree branchs and be able to swivel and cover all directions. I was sitting up there for an hour or so and I heard a drive taking place way off yonder. Not too long after that I heard some deer coming through the brush so I started to get ready and then they came. Four deer, three with heads up and one with his head down. (Bucks only in those days you know). As I was bringing the gun up I breathed on the scope and fogged it up big time. I had to let them go. I was sick as you could go years without a chance at a buck up there. Remember those deer are escaping from wolves (big ones) 360 days a year and did not find me much competition. They were headed back up towards the road I had just walked up. Pretty soon I heard one coming back at me. I had taken care of my scope by then and learned a very valuble lesson in the mean time. I was ready! Sure enough here comes the buck sneaking back the same route they had went up on. As the song goes I put that turdy pointer right in his coffin. More like eight points I guess. The buck had scented my deposit up by the road and turned around to sneak back out of there as the does went right across. So you guys now know an extra trick for your arsenal.

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You should always go before going to your stand. If you do have to go, either #1 or #2, you need to get as far away from your stand as possible. If you go near your stand and try to cover or hide it, it won't work, the deer will still smell it. It's a good way to ruin an area for a while.


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