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  1. Mr. Wood, For the record I was agreeing that gun and bow are both challening and I was in no way trying to bash on it. It's not cheating and changing the game like baiting is.
  2. Can't ever be too careful. I mean you can fool them easily during the rut, but at other times it is not soo easily done. This is true especially for bow hunters like us! You mentioned this already but, it's one thing to get them within a few hundred yards, but to get a BIG MATURE whitetail to get within 20-30 yards of you is a big challenge, even during the rut! Good luck hunting buddy....let's go to wal-mart now you tool!
  3. Well when you are baiting you don't even need a scope, rifle, or anything like that. I mean you put the bait pile 15 yards from your stump and wait for deer to come. When you bait you don't have to think, or even really HUNT. You don't pattern deer, or have to scout when baiting. I am a bow and slug hunter but I still see the merit in it. Unlike baiting, you still have to have some skills to do it. You have to plan and think to get a deer close enough. [your opinion has been noted, no bashing on this site will be allowed]
  4. Ok, listen, there is a difference between baiting a deer and using calls or hunting by a field. First, with the calls. It takes skill and time to master a call. There is NO skill in dumping a pile of feed in a clearing and getting into your stand. That takes no thought or skill at all. Hunting over a field also takes skill. You have to scout and know where the deer are comming out from on the field and the same goes for a food plot. Also with a food plot you have to put WORK into it to make it good...you don't do ANYTHING with bait, it's a lazy man's game if you ask me. -*Ted*
  5. Bloodbrother, I too have some land close to Cook, where is yours located?? God BLESS the spirit of the wild, -*ted*
  6. Bloodbrothers, Has anyone every tried to make mock rubs on trees?? Does it work?? let me know! Let every inch of your body be crammed with the spirit wild, -*ted*
  7. Did you freshen it up since september?? How big and where in minnesota was it? The beast is dead, long live the beast, -*Ted*
  8. John_Ted_Carrier


    Long Live the Beat, my bloodbrothers. I have once again gathered you around the Cyber Campfire to tell the tails and tactics of deer hunting. This time I will be discussing and asking for imput on calling. I like to use my calls, but do not yet know if I have really harnessed the spirit of the wild with these calls. Grunts - Sometimes I use them blindly and usually I use them to bring deer closer that I can see. When I use them blindly I always start out softly, so as not to scare a deer that is close to me. I usally grunt long and then two short grunts. I then wait for about 3 minutes do it again. Before I do another series of grunts though, I ususally wait about 20-30 minutes. I also experiment with a tending grund (series of short grunts) and a standing grunt (Almost like a clicking sound). These seem to work pretty well I think, but who knows. Bleating - This is a subject I am not well versed in and could really use some help. I do use "The Can" call and my true talker to immitate doe bleats but I don't know how often to do them. I try to do them a few times then be quiet for 20-30 minutes. This seems to bring marginal results, but I often wonder if I refined my techniques that would yeild better results. Rattling - I either use a rattle bag, natural antlers (small) or synthetic antlers for this. Which one is better??? I usually take the bag if I am traveling light, I use the small real antlers for short range calling and more of a sparring sound, and I use the big synthatic antlers when I want my fight to sound fierce and reach far away. I usually bang them together and twist so the tines knock off each other. I dont' tend to grind them very much at all, focousing on the crashing tines more. I'll also stomp my feet, rake trees and make noise when I do this to really simulate the fight. Along with that I will grunt and use my snort-weeze call to add to the realism. I have rattled in a few deer, but still have many questions. Fist, what times of year work best and when dosen't it?? Second, how long should I go on for? I usually do 2 times for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes each. And what exactally does the snort weeze do for me and how do I use it?? Well bloodbrothers, I am glad we are keeping the spirit of the wild alive and well in America, keep living the dream! -*Ted*
  9. I usually try to release the chocolate hostage before I venture out into the untamed wilds, but there are times where it can just not be helped. Keep the spirit of the wild skipping through your body -*Ted*
  10. With the candy, hard candy is great, but make sure it dosen't give off to strong of an odor that would alert deer, cough drops of example. Also, unwrap the candy and put it in one zip-lock bag, cuts down on the mess and the noise also. Long Live the Beast -"Ted"
  11. While I do agee strongly with it for a person who is immobile because of disability or somone just shooting does to thin the heard, I strongly disagree with people doing it for hunting, especially for trophy deer. That is not real hunting, that is just shooting deer. You might as well stay in your truck and watch your pile. Even in a large wooded tract of land you should use instincts, skills, and hard work scoutingto find where that trophy is hiding. I hunt the big forests around Bemidji Minnesota nd have no problem seeing deer wihtout bait. Keepin it WILD -*Ted*
  12. John_Ted_Carrier


    Spirit Wild Bloodbrothers, I am just keeping the spirit wild here at the Maple Hall front desk of Bemidji State University. The spirit is outrageously wild here, so I will also share it with you. I hope that everyone is feelign this splendedly wild tonight and will be full of spirit wild chatter. What do you all out there in the wilds of the great United States do for your scent protection?? I usually start off by using a scent free detergent. I used to use the special one for hunting, but then I found some scent free Tide at Target, much cheaper many more loads, I use that now instead. I also use the dryer sheets that give off the good smell of earth. When at home though, i just fill a pillowcase full of wet leaves and some dirt and put that in, works better and saves money. After my clothes dry I transfer them straight to giant zip-lock bags, so that no scent can get on them after all the work i put into them. Also in the bag I put scent wafers and those make my clothes smelling very natural. I like to use a pine or a earth, but it varies where you hunt of course. I don't change into my hunting clothes until I am out in the field, again to minimize scent exposure. After I get into the field I always spray my hair and clothes with a dusting of Scent Killer to counteract any scent I may have picked up. Hair is the worst for picking up a scent so I always wear a hat too, just in case. Boots are a big thing too for scent controll. I use a good pair of Choda neoprene boots with rubber from the ankle down. They are like rubber boots but I find them to be warmer. I usually don't bother bagging these, because after a day in the woods they are always dirty and will just get dirt and stuff on all my clothes. I just spray my boots LIBERALLY with scent killer, and since they are neoprene they don't really pick up any foriegn scents. Also, before I head out into the woods I usually spray either coon or fox urine on my boots to cover up any scent that might be there. I don't really worry about scent controll on breath, I just brush my teeth with a TINY amount of toothpaste and call it even. Sometimes I'll eat an apple or somthing for a natural aroma or rinse it with some Scent Killer. I am a diehard hunter, but not quite diehard enough to invest in this gum that I saw...sounds a little overboard, even for me. Well that is my scent controll techniques my bloodbrothers. I hope your wild spirit soars with the eagles and you all head out into the wilds after the quarry of deer this weekend! GOOD LUCK MY BLOODBROTHS. AND GODBLESS THE SPIRIT OF THE WILD - "Ted"
  13. yea that is why i was thinking just go by pounds of deer, that way you could add does too. It would be TOTALLY FUN...no money or anythign, just for the hell of it! Keep it wild, -*Ted*
  14. First, if you are walking three miles, DRESS IN LAYERS! Don't put on a big jackett and overalls when you get out of the car. By the time you get to that stand you will be a big ball of sweat - smelly and uncomfortable. Wear a pair of jeans and/or sweatpants to walk out there and a sweatshirt or your jackett depending on warmth. When you get to your stand then put on your heavy stuff. Second have a great, comfortable pair of boots (especially sine 3 mile walk) and a good pair of gloves. Your hands and feet are the first things that will get chilly (If it even gets chilly this weekend ) On that note you should dress for the weather for sure... depending on how the temps go. A good hat is also a nessicity, most of your heat loss happens through your head. Face masks are a definate option. Some people LOVE them and others detest them. Try one on for a few minutes in the store before you buy. It might look silly, but at the same time it will save you from unneeded gear. That is about it for clothes now to accessories. Don't buy every gadget on the market it is a waste of time, especially for a hunter who hasn't been out in a while. All you really need is a simple grunt. Take 15 minutes to learn how to use it somewhat, and ONLY use it when you see a deer. Also take a few candy bars to snack on, it helps keep you warm and pass the time when it is slow. Another trick some hunters I know do is take a book. You are reading that and not fidgeting around soo much from boredom. Don't forget to look up and glance around every few sentences though. I would like to wish you definate good luck hunting, and since it is your first time in 20 years don't forget the most important rule of hunting: HAVE FUN! GOOD LUCK BLOODBROTHER, -"Ted"
  15. As a matter of fact, I just back from making some scrape lines out where I hunt in a bow only refuge. Hopefully when everyone around me is out of the area with their guns, these scraps will draw some interest.
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