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  1. Sounds like some more ducks are coming down this way(Migration Report post) Jmn, too bad you're going to be deer hunting this weekend. I'll be limiting out on ducks
  2. Congrats again fishtrap3. Ten pups, wow thats quite the litter! How do you get 9 blacks and 1 yellow? What are you going to do with all of them? Glad to hear all is well for the pups and mom
  3. fishtrap3, congrats on the future pups. I'm sorry to hear your dog is have some problems. Hope all goes well. Give us an update when the pups come and how things are going.
  4. Yeah, I agree with Jlm. I know if I had a dog I would recommend and favor that breed. If you are going to hunt more upland that you get a pointer. If you are going to hunt for waterfowl you get a lab. I'm looking forward to getting a dog once I get out of these dorm rooms and have somewhere to take care of it. I'm looking at getting a yellow lab. Beautiful dogs IMO. Good luck in your search for a great friend! No matter what kind of dog you get I'm sure you'll be happy!
  5. Double D, I see you are from Redwood County. I'm from Redwood Falls. Where are you at? If you don't mind telling, what area are you hunting. Good luck this weekend.
  6. Would it be possible the use the auger of a hand held for the auger on a power auger? I have a power unit but no auger. I don't really know why it wouldn't work. Just have to make sure it is straight. What do you guys think, good or bad idea?
  7. The Nuge moved to Texas? He did always talk about how great Texas is and always talks about the landscape of the land. I hope he still has that good looking wife of his.
  8. I think agree with Jmn. I usually just hang my clothes out a week in advance to air out. Except this year I dunno where I'm going to hang them at up here. Hey, maybe I can just go duck hunting and let them air out there. What do ya say Jmn?
  9. I'm game. Sounds like fun. Especilly when "Ted" loses and looks dumb. Haha, let the spirit run wild Ted.
  10. I feel that baiting is unethical when you are hunting deer for sport. I can see using bait in states like Wisconsin where the deer are everywhere and have created problems. In Wisconsin, deer hunting seems to be a little less of a sport being that they are really controlling the population. Without baiting there the deer numbers would be even higher so I feel that baiting is beneficial in Wisconsin to a certain extent. Here in MN we have fewer deer. And in the areas where there are high numbers of deer a person may shoot up to 5 deer so that kind of takes the part of baiting as it would in Wisconsin to control the pop. Good luck to all the hunters the weekend. Enjoy the spirit of the wild. Kill the beast and respect the beast.
  11. I usually go before I head out to the stand. And you've gotta be wild if you're "related" to the Mighty Nugent!
  12. Ted, I couldn't agree more! Hardin
  13. ds, where are you located? Do you have any pictures? How big are the holes? Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] [This message has been edited by Nuge'sBloodBrother (edited 10-10-2004).]
  14. Hey Jmnhunter, Why don't you take a duck call with you too and see if you can find some ducks too! Tam/Hardin58
  15. I know this has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on where to go to find some ducks to shoot in the Bemidji area. I don't want to take anyone's secret spot or anything, just looking for some areas that might hold some birds.
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