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No Heat Ford F150 Crew Cab, Triton Engine

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Heat was very poor in my pickup.  Took it to a guy and he told me to put some stuff in the radiator.  He then reversed a hose or something.  I had great heat for about a month.  This was all last fall, so my details are poor.  Another guy came along and said the Fords of that era had a common problem of gunk building up and causing this.  I sill be taking it to a local dealer, but is there something I need to ask for so they don't assume it is something else?

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If I shut the heat off for a couple minutes, then restart it, I will get heat for a short period of time.


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what year?

is the temp gauge in the normal zone ?

heat control door/motor?

happened to my 02

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How old, how many miles, does the temp gauge read normal?

If it reads normal, and has never been flushed,  try back flushing the heater core and/or the whole cooling system before spending money on diagnosis. Even if that's not the problem, if it's overdue at least you aren't wasting money.


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    • Walkie Talkies are just two way radios.   They make their own signals, no towers.   Cell phones on the other hand are a little more unlikely.
    • I have a Mr. Heater and it works great.  I have never used a Dyna-glo so I cant really comment on that but I will say that my Mr. heater has never given me any problems even on the coldest days. 
    • 2.5 to 3 from the wifi isn't going to do very well streaming video, especially from something moving fast and hard to compress like a hockey game and in HD.    So the video gets cut down to SD first thing.       I have watched movies on a Roku using my Tmobile hotspot and they were ok.  Since the TV wasn't the greatest and only like a 40, I'm not sure if I could have told if resolution had been downgraded to SD or not.      Is this up North, or in cities?   
    • Now that I have the reels, what everyone use for line on them?  It seems like fly line is pretty popular.
    • I have Lindells in my house.
    • Could also be your WiFi if that's what's connected to your Roku.  My ISP speed is acceptable but my wifi signal wasn't the best at my TV and the speed wasnt too good.  When I upgraded my wifi router, the problems disappeared.
    • Come on Dude!  At least change your location if you going to keep this up!  Can I get a +1 please!  🤣   Liatry Newbie Location: Bali   johnrr65 we are 'the leading edge' I Share on HSO HSO Member Profile Information Location: Bali    
    • Typically there are shared resources or links from them to you.    Try a different server, usually the test lets you pick a different one from a choice of several.       It's like driving from the cities to cook.   The speed limit on 35 is 70 mph.   But if it is friday nite before opener... you aren't going to get 70 mph.   Likewise if one of the links is 1Gigabit but 500 people are doing Neflix and Chill you will slow down.    Netflix is really good at dealing with congestion issues.   Facebook or whoever was streaming the wild game, maybe not as good.
    • Thanks Del, first time tonight I ran it was 2.35, second time 3.34. That's the lowest I've seen, 5.40 was the highest on a different day. Why does it vary so much?
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