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  1. The blackstone griddles are carbon steel and rely on a layer of seasoning (polymerized oil) to make them rust resistant and non stick, the commercial flat tops are stainless and are run bare and scrapped clean. I wouldn't use a grill stone on a blackstone you will remove your seasoning and your grill will rust and your food will stick.
  2. these weren't regular self tappers, they had small wings to drill the plywood over size cant remember the name.
  3. I'm late to this discussion, but look into the correct type of treaded plywood, some of the are very corrosive to aluminum. I replaced mine a couple of years ago. routed the edges and used special self drilling screws that are designed for fastening plywood to metal, they were not that expensive and worked great.
  4. the little foil pans work for things you cant wrap. I did frozen burritos this weekend, homemade would be better, but they were as good as a store bought gets. its just nice to have something warm.
  5. you need to seal the foil, but I dripped melted cheese on the tile once , it burned off after a while and didn't do any damage
  6. they replaced the zipper on my otter cabin, looks factory don't remember what it cost but it wasn't much
  7. about 15 minutes. on medium I use a 3 dollar tin cup I got from northern I have 3 big Buddys and they are all different, there are different versions over the years just be careful of heating a large object (pizza slice), if you get it too close to the handle it can melt most things you only want to use low the trick with toasted sandwiches is a single layer of foil, butter the outside of the bread, heat on medium 2:45 seconds per side. golden brown!
  8. Egg rolls toasted sandwiches Hamburgers brats etc wrap things in foil and and cook/heat up You can also boil water for chocolate or coffees on a tin cup the “grill” is a paint roller grid for a 5 gallon bucket a dollar at the home center
  9. I was promoted to window man this year (the guy next to the window). Just saying, with wood heat the temp changes during the night. guys like to over stoke the wood burner before they go to bed or at pee breaks and by morning its still cold. the window opens and closes all night long, hard to keep everyone comfortable. not really any way to avoid it with the open loft. I've heard of guys using sliding partition to regulate the temp between the main room and the open loft definitely keep a window cracked for ventilation for CO and last nights Chile !
  10. yup that's true, we have a generator, but it usually doesn't run al night.
  11. the folks in the loft will be hot and the folks downstairs will be cold.
  12. Please don't do this! I have no problem running my camper ac off a 20 amp outlet!
  13. I cook it just like salmon. my favorite way is to score almost through the meat in a diamond pattern , then marinade in teriyaki (I like kc masterpiece sesame teriyaki or fleet farms mandarin teriyaki pit sauce) and plop it on the grill ( oil grill first) don't try to move it till its done or you will have a mess. I don't use foil, if you don't play with it, it will usually release from the grill when its done don't overcook it, just till it flakes with a fork plus it looks fansy schmancy! we had the salmon this way on my first trip to IR with you guys.
  14. please do more research before you do this If you only cook it to an internal temp of 175 it will be dry and really tuff, brisket needs to be "overcooked" till its probe tender, "like warm butter" usually 200+ up to 208 if you go too high it will fall apart when you slice it
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