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  1. jeffeg64

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I was promoted to window man this year (the guy next to the window). Just saying, with wood heat the temp changes during the night. guys like to over stoke the wood burner before they go to bed or at pee breaks and by morning its still cold. the window opens and closes all night long, hard to keep everyone comfortable. not really any way to avoid it with the open loft. I've heard of guys using sliding partition to regulate the temp between the main room and the open loft definitely keep a window cracked for ventilation for CO and last nights Chile !
  2. jeffeg64

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    yup that's true, we have a generator, but it usually doesn't run al night.
  3. jeffeg64

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    the folks in the loft will be hot and the folks downstairs will be cold.
  4. jeffeg64

    Running Ac From Garage Outlet

    Please don't do this! I have no problem running my camper ac off a 20 amp outlet!
  5. Old sled here, Wife calls me "zaust man"
  6. I cook it just like salmon. my favorite way is to score almost through the meat in a diamond pattern , then marinade in teriyaki (I like kc masterpiece sesame teriyaki or fleet farms mandarin teriyaki pit sauce) and plop it on the grill ( oil grill first) don't try to move it till its done or you will have a mess. I don't use foil, if you don't play with it, it will usually release from the grill when its done don't overcook it, just till it flakes with a fork plus it looks fansy schmancy! we had the salmon this way on my first trip to IR with you guys.
  7. jeffeg64

    Smaller brisket smoke method

    please do more research before you do this If you only cook it to an internal temp of 175 it will be dry and really tuff, brisket needs to be "overcooked" till its probe tender, "like warm butter" usually 200+ up to 208 if you go too high it will fall apart when you slice it
  8. jeffeg64

    Pork butt wont pull

    You are That guy! Didn't know you were on this forum, I would have quoted you by name if I would have remembered who said it. I've used your cure techniques and advice often, thank you!
  9. jeffeg64

    Pork butt wont pull

    Don't pay any attention to your thermometer except for a guide as to when to start testing your butt. Its done when you can easily pull out the bone by grabbing it using a paper towel, usually 200 plus (start testing at 195ish). All butts are different. You can also cook it at higher than 225, (250 or 275) It will come out great just lets you get more sleep. To quote a guy on another BBQ site "BBQ isn't rocket surgery"
  10. jeffeg64

    Pork Belly Stinks

    I'm with thirdeye. when you first open the cryopacks of ribs. belly's etc, they usually smell. rise them off, if it still smells after a bit you may have a problem I know it concerned me the first time II smelled it
  11. jeffeg64

    Concrete overpour and radiant heating?

    spring and fall I have to lower the water temp so the system doesn't over shoot the set temp in the morning when the outdoor temp rises in the morning. basically have two operating temps one for spring and fall and one for mid winter. this makes the house really comfortable. Its not as simple as other systems but when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee and step on the tile floor, it makes me smile every time.
  12. jeffeg64

    Concrete overpour and radiant heating?

    no expert here, but heat doesn't rise. heat radiates in the direction of least resistance (R value). warm air or water rises because it is less dense than colder air or water. If you don't insulate you will be heating the ground under your cabin and the earth is a very large heat sink $$$. get some info from an expert in the radiant field as far as tube diameter, spacing, water temp, manifolds, length of runs, and so on. it varies on amount of windows (solar) ceiling height and room type (bed, bath, living area, storage etc.). once you pour over the tubing you get to live with it. I did my own Home 15 years ago and got some good advise (wish I would have taken it all)
  13. jeffeg64


    I mix my own with amsoil and put it in a MSR fuel bottle (search msr fuel bottle). just throw it in the sled its bullet proof
  14. jeffeg64

    Whats your go to waleye lure ?

    I find myself starting with a large gold and glow slenderspoon tipped with minnow head. jig it constantly, and a minnow on a colored hook under my bobber, some times two minnows (small)hooked opposite each other (One upsidedown) so they struggle and keep moving.
  15. jeffeg64

    Portable modification questions

    Painted my otter tub with fusion paint (for plastic), I cleaned it with alcohol first. It scratches off in places where things rub but not terrible. I guess i'd do it again, you can always touch it up. It really does brighten it up and make things easier to find