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  1. Early morning last weekend at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.
  2. Spent most of September putting shingles on my roof. Finally got a look at fall colors in early October.
  3. Came across a grey wolf Saturday morning in Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Ten minute stare off between the two of us at about 25-30 yards. I was in the pickup, shot from the road.
  4. Most of the puddle and sloughs had migrating waterfowl jumping back and forth.
  5. Took a little road trip around central North Dakota on Saturday. Very large "herds" of migrating geese to be found feeding and moving. The only thing missing from the pictures is the incredible sounds. Ran into the first flock about 40 miles west of Fargo.
  6. Cicada


    I found a piece of ice fishing equipment in west central Minnesota. Detroit Lakes, Pelican Rapids area. Tell me what you lost, what lake, and how long ago and I'll give you directions to pick it up.
  7. Take it easy guys. I figured I was too old to shovel, so I bought a snowblower. Kiss of death, there will be no snow for me to blow.
  8. Gave up on deer hunting Friday and decided to run up to Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. We watched each other for about ten minutes. When it started licking it's chops, I left...
  9. I sent pictures to a North Dakota wildlife biologist and he forwarded them to a Minnesota biologist. They agreed it was a mule deer. The Minnesota biologist added that a handful of mule deer have been harvested in Clay county (the Moorhead area.) The only bummer was my not realizing what I had and getting better pictures. I don't have a picture of the tail, but do remember black fur back there.
  10. Sorry about the crummy pictures, but this was an afterthought. Does this look like a mule deer? It was taken this morning in west central Minnesota.
  11. Those looked way past prime. You want to find them white to slightly pinkish on the underside. You do not have to eat them the same day, but you do need to prepare them the same day. I rough cut them, and sauté them in butter then freeze them in portion sizes. Some people will have a reaction if hey had consumed alcohol two days before or after eating them. I ate some a day after a couple of beers with no adverse effects. I like them best with beef or venison dishes, in gravy, or in eggs. Kind of an earthy flavored mushroom similar to the store bought button mushrooms, only a bit more intense.
  12. Night number three in a row of perfect conditions. The big tree is locally well known. In our family it is called "Halfway Tree" because it was halfway between Grandpa's house in Barnesville, MN and the spot he kept his pontoon on North Lida Lake. The other two were taken from Hwy 108 crossing between North and South Lidas. I'm not sure, but I think I may have captured noctilucent clouds. I don't know if you should be able to see them from this far south, but the white clouds before sunrise make me wonder. https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/advice/skills/noctilucent-clouds-what-they-are-and-how-to-see-them/
  13. Night number two of clear skies and calm winds, making for great conditions to travel around and look for subjects to include with the comet. Hamden Slough, part of the refuge system northeast of Audubon, MN and when the fog moved in, relocated to Big Cormorant Lake in Becker County. I overslept, so I didn't have much time to try too many things.
  14. Heard about a comet visiting our night skies and decided to take a shot at it. Set the alarm for 3:00 am (obscene) got gas and headed out to some high ground thinking it wouldn't be up yet. I read it was supposed to rise about an hour before sunrise. It was already fairly high in the sky. Got a few shots before the sun bleached it out. I am looking forward to another clear night to give it another go. I have spots with better foreground ideas. The way our society behaves these days, I liked the "Keep Out" sign.
  15. Anything Straight No Chaser
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