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  1. Talked to my local Ford service department. Explained to him all the things I could remember. He said I could try a flush and fill and backwash (my words, not a direct quote) for about $250.00. That might take care of it, at least temporarily. If the heat goes away again, I'm looking at replacing the heater core to the tune of $900.00 to $1200.00. He suggested I take it back to the guy that worked on it last year and have the first part done for a lot less money. He told me that my friend "knows what he is doing." My guy in Pelican Rapids is going to work on it next Saturday. The Ford servicer thinks the core might be too plugged for a simple solution, but it is the least expensive option and may work. My friend said something about pulling a soft plug and cleaning. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like it will be more than gravity flushing.
  2. Cicada

    Bass Photos

    Two 20"ers and my pb 21" (top photo) smallie, all from west central Minnesota this year.
  3. 2005, 180,000 ish, and yes, the temp gauge in normal range.
  4. If I shut the heat off for a couple minutes, then restart it, I will get heat for a short period of time.
  5. Heat was very poor in my pickup. Took it to a guy and he told me to put some stuff in the radiator. He then reversed a hose or something. I had great heat for about a month. This was all last fall, so my details are poor. Another guy came along and said the Fords of that era had a common problem of gunk building up and causing this. I sill be taking it to a local dealer, but is there something I need to ask for so they don't assume it is something else?
  6. I do have FIXD and that is where I got the code from. I have cleared one code in the past, but this one came back. It is a 2001.
  7. I'm getting a P0123 error code. Comes up with Throttle Position Circuit High Input and Throttle Sensor Out of Range came up. Any idea what all possibilities come with this?
  8. Sometimes the spark electrode can be dirty. Not visible stuff, but coated so the electric spark has no way to travel. Try cleaning the electrode and the adjacent surface with very fine steel wool. If that doesn't help, you may need a spark module.
  9. Very nice Storm. Just as the moon started to turn color, the clouds moved in around Detroit Lakes. Bust!
  10. Cicada

    Bass Photos

    First big ones of the year. 20.25" and 20" respectively.
  11. Real nice night Monday night. International Space Station was doing a fly-by. When it topped the horizon, it was over southeast Alberta and when it crawled into the earth's shadow it was over the east edge of Wisconsin in just a little over 4 minutes. Not all of these have the same white balance setting. I messed with it to see what I liked better. The tree was light painted with a small LED flashlight. Opinions and critiques are welcome.
  12. I've had this church, Atlanta Church, near Ulen in mind for this for about two years. Finally, had a super moon with better weather conditions to give it a go. With the bright warm sunny day, there was a lot of convection coming off the field giving the shots a wavy painted look. As the moon rose and the temperature dropped, sharper images were possible. I did get distracted by a snowy owl and missed the actual moon rise. CC welcome.
  13. Does anyone know of a program where a person can create a calendar for your home computer? What I would like for it to do is be your wallpaper and change automatically at the beginning of each month.
  14. Been finding some chants and lobsters and a few chicken of the woods. Other than that, pickiing berries. Wild plums, grapes and looks like lots of high bush cranberries to be had. This is bad for a diabetic to be thinking about jelly making.
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