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atv youth rider question


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So, if I understand the law in Minnesota correctly, it would be unlawful for my 7 year old to ride his 50cc yamaha 4 wheeler on a designated atv trail while under my direct supervision? Likewise it would be equally unlawful for my 10 year old to ride a 90cc? Just trying to confirm that they are quarantined to the yard.

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I have been trying to respond for a few weeks and just got my user info worked out. I have a 10 year old son and we can legally ride in Wisc. as long as you have a trail permit and a youth size atv. Go to the Wisc. DNR link for more info. We are taking our vacation next week in Wisc. just so we can ride. Have to take 2 rigs just to haul the boat and wheelers.


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yes in MN youths must be at least 12 years old, and must have taken a DNR safety course to ride on designated trails. as for the ? about a 10 yr old and the 90cc, i am in the same place, i have an 11 yr old daughter i bought a 90cc for and she cant ride it except on private property. i dont know that going to WI will change that, as it is law a child must be 12 yrs old or older to operate a 90cc 4 wheeler. now my ? is since its the polaris i have is technically an 89cc can i skirt that rule even though it says right on the atv, not for use by youths under 12?
i've got a dissapointed girl here that she hasnt been able to ride the dang thing, and i wasnt about to buy a 50cc to use for a year, then have to sell and buy the 90cc. i mean with the govenors they got on them, i dont see where a 90cc is to big even for a 10 yr old. and most 13 14 yr old boys would be too big for a 90cc too! just seems dumb to me, but i guess this is what we get for living in a sue happy world!!

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Someone please read the wi dnr site under atv regs. I think it is page 6 or 7 regarding under 12 years old. It sure looks to me like a kid under 12 can ride a 90cc or less on state trails! Correct me if I'm wrong. I just spent a week in the Birchwood area with my 10 year old an we had a great time on the state trails.


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so then by WI law my 11 yr old can operate her 90cc atv (it is registered in MN) on WI public trails when accompanied by me, even though its states right on the atv, not for use by youth under age 12? just sounds like their must be a catch or something. i mean to buy the thing the salesman had to have me come back without her, because he said they couldnt "knowingly sell it for use by someone under 12".
guess i've got to plan a trip to WI!! she'll be thrilled to find out she can go riding "like the big guys" instead of in the yard!
anyone know what the trail system is like in the hayward area? is there trails that dont require road crossings?

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A few items I found on the Wisconsin HSOforum.

If you are under age 12, you cannot operate any ATV on a roadway or route under any circumstance.
If you are 12 years old, but under 16, you can’t operate an ATV on a roadway (when allowed) without a safety certificate.

Law Change—The legislature recently passed a new law that requires safety education training (certification) for all riders (residents and nonresidents) who are at least 12 years old and who were born on or afer January 1, 1988. Safety Certifications issued from another state or province
of Canada will be accepted.

(For riding on areas open to the public)
Public Riding: includes all areas open to
the public. You should check with local officials to determine if county forest/property, state property or federal property is open. Consider them closed until you are sure.

No safety certificate is available for children under 12. However, if you are under age 12, you may operate a SMALL ATV only; on
designated department trails and only while
accompanied by your parent (not your brother,
aunt or a friend, etc.) This exception is the only public area riding allowance for under age 12 operation.
You cannot ride on the frozen surface waters
of the state.

A SMALL ATV means an all-terrain vehicle that
has 4 wheels and has either an engine certified by the manufacturer of no more than 90 cubic centimeters or an equivalent power unit.
(A small ATV must be registered.)
If you are at least 12 and born on or after 1-1-88, you may operate an ATV with a valid ATV safety certificate (a valid safety
certificate includes certificates issued from another state or a province of Canada).
If riding circumstances require you to have a safety certificate, you must carry the certificate while operating and display it to a law enforcement officer upon request.

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I HIGHLY recommend the trails in northeast WI. Specifically Oconto and Marinette Counties. These trails are well marked, well maintained and don't have alot of sand riding.
Let me know if you want more info on ATV trails in WI.


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