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  1. GotOne

    New Gas Grill Question

    I just bought the one they have on sale for 199.00, the ad said comparable to 345.ish grills. Don't know if that's true, but it sure works good. For the price, if you have to replace it in 3 or 4 years, so be it. Nice to get a new grill every few years.
  2. I think I can just turn up the heat and sear my meat , instead of buying one with the searing option.
  3. Time to but a new grill. What are your opinion's on the "searing burner"?
  4. GotOne

    Selling a vehicle

    Post it on HSO, could be sold before the ink dries. I'm looking for something reasonable for my son.
  5. GotOne


    I'm going to try replacing my rear brakes/rotors on my 2002 Ram. Where is the best place to buy auto parts in Burnsville area. Also, my E-brake locked up last year when I set it on a baot ramp. I was able to work it free, but it sticks a little and squeeks. What is the cure for this? I did the utube deal and got a pretty good idea on how to replace brakes/rotors, so, along with this info, I'm going to tackle this job. Hopefully, I won't screw something up, like I usually do.
  6. GotOne

    my 3 month old british lab

    Nice looking pup!
  7. Trouble is, she makes more bacon that I do!!! I guess that's not really trouble She just has to learn to make smart buying decisions when it comes to certain things.
  8. Will, I sold it today for 850.00. I would have been happy if my wife didn't dump 600.00 on it when I wasn't in town. I thought she did the repairs when I was deer hunting in November, the truth came out and she did them when I was ice fishing a LOW a few weeks ago! It was a new bed for "us", when I was deer hunting----sure costs me when I go out of town
  9. I did the Kelly Blue book deal, put everything I could at the lowest price/condition. Wish I could get that much! I did spell out everything that I know of, it's my daughters Durango that we gave we a few years ago. I like to think I'm pretty honest in all my dealings. BTW, highest offer is $600.00, what do ya think?
  10. Thanks, I saw that. I wanted an idea what it is worth before I called him.
  11. I have a 2000 Durango that has about 189,000 on it. The motor is making a noise that sounds like it is ready to blow. Was hoping it would hold out till my daughter went to college in the fall, but no such luck! I put it on C/list, but I don't have any idea what a good price is to get for it....any thoughts? Tires/wheels good, little front end damage. It's SLT,Plus, I think. BTW, I didn't want to put any money into it, come to find out when I was posting it, my wife tells me she had a new power steering pump and tie rods put in it when I was deer hunting:( Around $600.00, so, I'm just a little pi$$ed off to say the least! Got a couple responses, what should I look out for? Scams, etc? Thanks for your thoughts!
  12. GotOne


    Am I the only one that doesn't like colored screens? I tried to charge colors and it wouldn't let me. When you open the main forum page on the old screen, you could tell if there were new posts. I can't tell with this new version....only after you open the thread can you tell if new replies were posted. Hopefully, I missing something. Update: looks like the arrow on the left margin indicates new post...correct?
  13. GotOne

    Garage Door Opener Problems - Round Two

    Hey BobbyM, I remember some info regarding that happening to some people after they replaced the gear. I'll try to find it again. If I remember right, it is something minor that was done incorrectly when repairing/putting back together the opener. FOUND IT: Make sure you put the black cup back on the end of the motor shaft and that it is pressed all the way on. Make sure the RPM sensor is plugged in. If neither of these is the issue, then you probably did not have the motor shaft pushed all the way back when you tightened the coupler after replacing the worm gear. Loosen that coupler up and from the front of the motor (opposite end in which the coupler is on) push the shaft back as far as it will go. Hold it there while you tighten the coupler back up and then give it a try
  14. GotOne

    Bird hunting game farms

    I'll go with Traxlers Hunting Preserve in Le Center. First hunt is free-meaning you don't have to pay a "club use fee", still have to pay for birds. I think the bird fee is a little less than the non-member price at the "other club" in the area. Plus, each hunter in you group does not have to pay a daily fee to use the club. This might not be an issue if you are going by yourself, but if your bringing some friends, it adds up. Lots of snow on the ground, might want to let the snow melt a bit before you go to one.
  15. You want to start your pup on something smaller like a pigeon, chukars or quail. A pheasant is a little too big, plus, if it spurs your pup, it could turn it off pretty fast. I would guess with all this snow, the preserves should have a few of each that they would be more than happy to sell. It's been a tough season for them.